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The Marshall Family are clients of the Baby-sitters Club that live in Stoneybrook, CT.


Mrs. Marshall calls the BSC in Kristy's Great Idea. She is the first client the club has that wasn't pets or each other's families shown in the book. Claudia was the first one to sit for them.

They live on Rosedale Road and have a pet cat that is no trouble.

In Kristy and the Baby Parade, it is revealed that the Marshalls cut back on their housekeeper's hours, so they need baby-sitters again. They are friends with the Phillips Family.

The Marshalls are mentioned in Dawn and Too Many Sitters where Nina told Byron Pike to stop eating all of the M&Ms.

Stacey McGill lives close to them in Stacey's Ex-Best Friend.

Both Nina and Eleanor attend the BSC's play group in Claudia and Mean Janine.

Family Members[]


The house is described as having a swing and a slide in their backyard. To the left of the entryway is the den with the living room off to the right.

The bedrooms are located upstairs and straight from the entryway is the kitchen and the laundry room.