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The Martinez Family is a client of the Baby-sitters Club. The kids only appeared in Mary Anne and the Silent Witness. Mrs. Martinez is briefly in Claudia and the Lighthouse Ghost and Kristy and the Middle School Vandal.


Mrs. Martinez is the first to call the BSC, Mary Anne Spier is the first to sit for them. The family used to have a regular high school aged baby-sitter until she quit. The club provided a sitter until they could find a permanent one.

They just had a fire which started in the garage. It's later revealed that the fire was started by the old baby-sitters' boyfriend. He was smoking near the house and didn't completely put out his cigarette.

Amalia has dark hair, dark eyes, and a big smile. She occasionally calls the members of the BSC Allie, the name of her old baby-sitter. She is very affectionate. Amalia loves cookies and Barney.

Family Members[]


The house is described as small and cozy. They live near Miller's Park on the outskirts of Stoneybrook. If Reginald Fowler were to develop the land, he would have to buy the Martinez House and tear it down due to how close it is. A list of emergency numbers is on bulletin board by the phone.

The Retlin Family lives nearby.