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Mary Anne's Big Breakup is the third book in the Baby-sitters Club: Friends Forever series by Ann M. Martin.

Back Cover Summary

Everyone thinks Mary Anne and Logan are the perfect couple.

Everyone except Mary Anne.

Logan's definitely a great guy. But lately things have been weird between the two of them. Mary Anne wants a change...even if it hurts.

It's the end of Mary-Anne-and-Logan. And it's the beginning of the new Mary Anne.


Since the beginning of 8th Grade, Mary Anne and Logan met, and they were the perfect couple. But now, they didn't had much in common. Logan's a great guy...expect for Mary Anne. She wants to break up, even though it hurts.

So they did. A bad break up. Pete Black and Dave Griffin ask Mary Anne to the dance, but she says no, and they are okay with that.

It's the end of Logan and Mary Anne...and the beginning of the new Mary Anne.


Mary Anne's Family




  • Mrs. Rodowsky (mentioned)
  • Louise Bruno
  • Ellice and Bob - contractors building the new house


Pop Culture and Real-Life References

  • Twilight Zone
  • Sigmund Freud
  • Pringles, Cracker Jacks (snacks)
  • Fly Away Home, When Harry Met Sally, Paulie (movies)
  • Robin Williams

Continuity and Inconsistencies



  • Mary Anne narrates that Kristy took a picture of Mary Anne the day she cut her hair, however, Kristy wasn't there when it happened in Mary Anne's Makeover.
  • Mary Anne says that she was still wearing her hair in braids when she met Logan. But she was able to wear her hair down starting in Mary Anne Saves the Day, and she met Logan in Logan Likes Mary Anne!.


  • Mary Anne and Logan break up for good.
  • Claudia is in mural club.
  • Logan is still an associate member of the BSC.
  • The Newton and the Hill Families are mentioned.
  • Claudia was the first to know when Mary Anne broke up with Logan.
  • The entire football, baseball, and track team stood by Logan after their break up.
  • Dave Griffin asks Mary Anne out three days after she broke up with Logan.
  • Mary Anne has not looked the guys at SMS romantically because of Logan.
  • Kristy and Logan were still friendly after the break up.
  • Mary Anne stays home from school without really being sick.
  • Sharon and Richard hired a landscaper too.
  • Cokie Mason is dating a new guy.
  • The Chamber of Commerce is honoring Watson at a dinner.
  • Mary Anne broke up with Logan to learn more about herself without having a boyfriend.