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This article is about the episode. For the graphic novel, see Mary Anne Saves the Day (Graphic Novel). For the original novel, see Mary Anne Saves the Day.

Mary Anne Saves the Day is the fourth episode of Season 1 and the fourth episode overall of Netflix reboot. It is based on the fourth book of the original series, Mary Anne Saves the Day.

Episode Description[]

After dealing with a major dad dilemma, Mary Anne makes a dynamic new friend. Later, a medical emergency puts her caretaking skills to the test.


Mary Anne is seen getting ready for the day, and explaining how she has to wear babyish clothes due to her father's strict rules. She describes how the other Baby-Sitters Club members dress and act more mature than her. Mary Anne is seen at the Kishi family home knitting with Mimi, and talking about Mary Anne's mom. Mimi and Mary Anne's mom were good friends when she was alive.

Mimi tells Mary Anne about the time her mother chased a polo team out of a public pool. Her mother was never afraid to speak her mind or stand up for those who can't stand up for themselves. Mary Anne says it doesn't sound like she's anything like her. Mimi questions why she would say that and Mary Anne replies that she feels as though she is simply bad at just talking both to people she knows and doesn't know. Mimi tells her that her mother didn't become who she was overnight.

Just then, Claudia comes down to call Mary Anne to the club meeting. Mary Anne follows Claudia up the stairs to join the other girls in Claudia's bedroom. When the phone rings, it's a new client Francine Delvecchio, that Mary Anne's father works with. Mary Anne shyly explains to she belongs to a club of sitters and she'd have to ask the other members. Francine, is not interested in hiring the other girls, and is only interested in hiring Mary Anne for baby-sitting for her daughter Bailey.

Mary Anne is shown to have a hard time saying no to people. She hesitantly says she's free while the other girls roll their eyes and look annoyed. Mary Anne then takes down the address. After she gets of the phone Mary Anne says she shouldn't have done that. Kristy scolds her, reminding her clients are not allowed to choose their own sitters, as it goes against the club's mission statement.

Mary Anne guiltily says she's sorry. Claudia tells her she doesn't need to apologize, but she does need to learn to be more assertive and stand up for herself. The other girls agree, saying that if she does not learn to speak up for herself people will just ignore her. Mary Anne starts crying and runs out of the room yelling for them to just leave her alone.

Mary Anne goes home and her father Richard notices something is wrong, when Mary Anne isn't listening to what he's saying, and she looks upset. Her father asks if there is something she would like to discuss with him. Mary Anne tells him that the other girls treat her like a baby and she believes they think she's pathetic due to her babyish hair, clothes, and room. Mary Anne tells him she can't say anything without starting to cry.

Richard assumes the other girls are "bullying" Mary Anne. He calls the other girls' parents, and Claudia, Kristy, and Stacey get grounded, which Mary Anne finds out at lunch the next day. They are all furious with her and don't want to speak to her. Since Mary Anne has no one to sit next to, she sits at a table all alone. She is joined by Dawn Schafer, the new girl who just moved from L.A.

The two girls introduce themselves to each other and hit it off right away, and Kristy looks at them with a concerned look on her face. Mary Anne questions Dawn on what brings her to Stoneybrook. Dawn explains that her father's gay and her parents got a divorce because of it, therefore, she and her mother moved to Stonybrook. Mary Anne invites Dawn over later that day, and Dawn says she would like that.

Mary Anne vows not to let her current issues with her friends interfere with her performance at her baby-sitting job for the Delvecchio's. Mary Anne and Bailey spend their time having a princess tea party. Bailey spills her "tea" on her dress, and Mary Anne states that this is the "perfect opportunity" to pick out a new dress. After noticing that all of Bailey’s old clothes tucked away in the closet are much more stereotypical boys' clothing, she realizes that Bailey is transgender. Francine returns home and is pleased to see that her daughter and Mary Anne get along so well.

At Mary Anne's house, Mary Anne and Dawn have a chat about transgender kids. Dawn explains to Mary Anne the same way she knows that she's right handed, Bailey knows she's a girl. Dawn explains that everyone wants their insides to match their outsides. She tells Mary Anne Bailey is lucky to have both a baby-sitter and parents who get it. Mary Anne remarks that Dawn seems to know a lot about this stuff and Dawn remarks that she is from California.

At the next BSC meeting, Francine calls asks for Mary Anne to sit for Bailey again. Kristy picks up while angrily looking at Mary Anne and sarcastically tells Francine Mary Anne would be delighted, as she is the best. Claudia asks if special requests for Mary Anne are standard now. An annoyed Kristy says none of the rest of them can go, as they are still grounded.

While still upset that none of her friends are speaking to her, Mary Anne is grateful to spend time with her new friend Dawn. That weekend she goes to a "new moon sharemony" that her Aunt Esme is hosting. Mary Anne is shocked to learn Dawn's aunt is "Morbidda Destiny," the alleged witch. Dawn explains her aunt is more of a spiritual healer than a witch.

Esme tells them to gather together, as their tarot card reader has a hard out in forty-five minutes. The ladies at the gathering all sit down around the decorative stump and Esme tells them to hold hands and share with each other. Dawn volunteers herself to go first and talks about moving and how she's grateful to have met Mary Anne. Esme invites Mary Anne to share and bare her soul with them, but Mary Anne is too scared of public speaking and runs off. Dawn catches up to her and Mary Anne starts crying and apologizes for not being able to share like the others.

Dawn is understanding of this, saying that a sharemony is not everyone's cup of tea. She reassures Mary Anne it's fine if she was freaked out at the event and they can talk somewhere else.

At Mary Anne's sitting job, Bailey is not in the mood for any of Mary Anne's suggested activities. Bailey says she wants her mommy and that her head hurts. Mary Anne feels her head and realizes she has a 104 fever after taking her temperature. She calls Bailey's mother and her father, neither of whom answer. Since the other BSC members aren't speaking to her, Mary Anne concludes that she should call 911. At the hospital, Bailey's hurried doctors misgender her.

Mary Anne stands up for Bailey, telling the doctors that they need to look at more than just Bailey's chart and see her for who she is as a person.She also tells them to get Bailey a different color gown than the blue one. Mary Anne has no idea her father is watching her from a distance. Once Bailey’s parents arrive and Richard and Mary Anne get in the car to go home, he can’t hold back how moved he is by what happened. “I’m overwhelmed by you,” he tells his daughter. She reminds him so much of her mother. Mary Anne questions this and Richard tells her that it has not been easy on him, raising her alone and most of the time he feels like he has no idea what he's doing.

Richard feels as though seeing Mary Anne stand up for Bailey reassures him that maybe he hasn't screwed up after all. Mary Anne says her mother would be proud of him for how well he's raised her. He is on board with letting Mary Anne wear new clothes and hair and the father and daughter hug.

At Mary Anne's next meeting, all the girls are proud of her, and they all make up. The other girls reveal that they are no longer grounded, as Richard told their parents he is happy Mary Anne is in a club with other young women who are such great influences. They celebrate this with the playlist Stacey made and eating candy.

The last scene shows Mary Anne in her new clothes, and Dawn coming over for Thanksgiving dinner. They find out their parents used to date, in a big way, according to Aunt Esme. The episode ending shows the girls are shocked at this revelation.


Similar to Source Material[]

  • The IMDb page shows the first appearance of Dawn Schafer to be in episode four. This is also the first book in the series that Dawn is introduced in.
  • Kristy is jealous of Dawn and Mary Anne's friendship.
  • Mary Anne does tell Dawn that her friends are “absent."
  • Dawn’s mother, Sharon was born and grew up in Stoneybrook.
  • Dawn’s mom and Mary Anne’s father dated in high school.
  • The child Mary Anne baby-sits has a one hundred and four degree temperature and she ends up dialing 911 to get her to the hospital but the situation is different in the book. (See below)

Difference from Source Material[]

  • Instead of Jenny, Mary Anne baby-sits for a trans girl named Bailey Delvecchio.
  • In the book, the girls are having a big fight with each other, not because Mary Anne got them grounded, in fact Mary Anne doesn't even tell her father what happened. The girls' fight is about them name calling each other. Mary Anne only name calls out of retort to Kristy calling her a crybaby.
  • Kristy is the one who ends up taking on a job without checking who is available, not Mary Anne.
  • Dawn’s father wasn’t gay in the book series.
  • There was no new moon sharemony.
  • When Jenny has a one hundred and four degree temperature, Mary Anne not only calls Jenny’s parents and her father but also Jenny’s doctor, the neighbors and Dawn, who comes over and helps her.
  • Dawn is made a member of the club at the end of the book. In this series, she isn’t made a member until the next episode.
  • Dawn and Mary Anne do not fight in the episode.
  • Tabitha Porter's name has been changed to Esme.
  • In this version, Esme is Dawn's aunt.

Pop Culture References[]

  • Claudia mentions Pinterest when talking about redecorating Mary Anne's room.

Songs Used[]

  • "Mary Anne" by Boytoy


  • This is the debut of fifth member Dawn Schafer (Xochitl Gomez), Mr. Delvecchio (Todd Matthews), Barb (Heather Feeney), and Nurse (Helenna Santos).