Mary Anne and the Lost Boy is one of the seven The Baby-Sitters Club Mini Books that came with the 1993 Kenner BSC Dolls.

Mini book series premiseEdit

The stories contained in all seven mini books that came with the Kenner dolls were set on the same day, a Saturday, in the same location, the Washington Mall. Dawn, Mallory, Kristy and Mary Anne are responsible for charges, while Claudia, Stacey, and Jessi are at the mall on their own or with friends. In the stories (when mentioned), the characters are wearing the same outfits as their dolls.


Mary Anne is at the Washington Mall with her boyfriend, Logan Bruno, and they are looking after his brother, 5-year-old Hunter Bruno. Mary Anne is looking to buy a radio alarm clock, which she obtains at the electronic store. Just when she finishes paying for it, she notices that Hunter is not with Logan and is missing. Mary Anne, panicked, searches two levels of the mall before a security guard finds Hunter in a video store, where Hunter has pulled apart a video cassette tape.

Full StoryEdit

Mary Anne and the Lost Boy complete mini book


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