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Mary Anne and the Music Box Secret is the 31st book in The Baby-Sitters Club Mystery series.

Back Cover Summary[]

While cleaning up Granny and Pop-Pop's house after a flood, Mary Anne finds a secret panel in the basement wall. Hidden behind it is a package marked with a threatening curse.

What's inside doesn't look sinister at all: it's a beautiful music box. But Granny swears it's not hers. And suddenly, a lot of odd things are happening at Granny and Pop-Pop's house.

Was the curse real? Who put the box there — and why? If Mary Anne and the BSC don't find some answers fast, they may wind up in serious trouble!



The Barrett/DeWitt kids are getting a new addition on their house, and they build a playhouse before the grand opening.

Characters in this book[]

Mary Anne's Family

BSC Members



Places in this book[]

Pop Culture and Real-Life References[]

  • The song "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"
  • National geographic
  • Clue
  • Star Trek (alluded)

Continuity and Inconsistencies[]



  • Granny Porter's name is Grace in this book but Rita in Dawn's Book.
  • In Mary Anne Saves the Day, Sharon is said to move to California after college. Here its said that Sharon moved to California for college.
  • In The Fire at Mary Anne's House, Sharon works at a small accounting business while in this book, Sharon is a realtor.
  • In BSC in the USA, Dawn left two weeks early but it's still August in this book and it takes place right after BSC In The USA.


  • The Barrett/DeWitts announced their remodel in Dawn and the School Spirit War about forty books prior between the super specials, mysteries, and regular books.
  • This is the first time we see Granny and Pop-Pop without Dawn in the series.
  • Mary Anne helps Sharon make a scrapbook for Granny and Pop-Pop.
  • Mrs. Kuhn and Mrs. DeWitt are friendly with each other.
  • There's a secret door in the DeWitt/Barrett girls' room.
  • Mary Anne feels possessive of the mystery surrounding the box.
  • Dawn calls in this book, but the conversation is only recounted.
  • Mary Anne and Sharon end up bonding in this book.
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