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Mary Anne and the Zoo Mystery is the twentieth book in The Baby-Sitters Club Mystery series.

Back Cover Summary[]

School at the zoo? Totally wild! The Baby-sitters can't wait to start on their animal observation projects for science class because they get to work at the Bedford Zoo!

But on their very first visit, Mary Anne and her friends smell trouble. Somebody's letting animals out of their cages.

So far, each one has been caught and returned without incident. But what if this monkey business turns serious? Can the Baby-sitters figure out who's behind it all, before somebody gets hurt?


Main Plot[]


The BSC forms a community service project with their clients to free Babar, an elephant.

Characters in this book[]

Mary Anne's Family

BSC Members




Places in this book[]

Pop Culture and Real-Life References[]

  • Black Stallion, Black Beauty (books)
  • Frankenstein monster

Continuity and Inconsistencies[]



  • On page 39 that she schedules a sitting job for Kristy and Jessi at the Pikes on Thursday, but then when they write about the Thursday sitting job a few chapters later, it's Kristy and Mallory sitting.


  • This books working tile was Mary Anne and the Mystery at the Zoo[1].
  • Logan is a natural at science.
  • Alan loves seals.
  • Mary Anne, Logan, Dawn, Claudia, Howie, and Alan have lifetime passes to the Bedford Zoo.
  • Stacey baby-sits Charlotte still even though she's not part of the BSC.
  • Kristy is dating Bart according to Mary Anne.
  • The Gianellis, Papadakises, Hobarts, and Pikes all call the BSC in chapter 4.
  • There's a YMCA in Stoneybrook.
  • One set of Mallory's grandparents is mentioned to have given the kids a button maker.
  • Mary Anne likes science even though she's not good at it.
  • On page 70 Peaches Benedict is indirectly mentioned.
  • Marilyn Arnold lost a tooth.
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