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Mary Anne vs. Logan is the 41st book in The Baby-Sitters Club series by Ann M. Martin.

Back Cover Summary[]

Lately, Mary Anne's been feeling like she and Logan are spending too much time together. They fight over silly things. And Mary Anne never gets to do what she wants to — like read, and baby-sit, and be with her friends.

But when Mary Anne suggests that she and Logan see less of each other, Logan takes it all the wrong way.

Could this really be the end of Mary Anne and Logan?


Mary Anne is worried about her and Logan's relationship - you think he is too pushy and sort of demanding. Mary Anne's dad thinks that they need to spend less time together, but when she tries to tell Logan that he takes it the wrong way. Everybody thinks Logan and Mary Anne should stick together......except for Mary Anne.

She then talks to Logan and says they need to cool their relationship.

At the next BSC meeting the baby sitters get a call from Logan to sit for his little sister and brother, Kerry & Hunter. The two kids request for Mary Anne, so she goes.

But it turns out it was a mystery date! Logan says he's ready to warm the relationship back up and gives Mary Anne some gifts. The next day, Mary Anne calls Logan to meet her at the park. They go, and Mary Anne says they need to break up, so they do.


Mr. Prezzioso has a surprise baby shower for his wife and has the BSC help set it up. By the end of the book, Andrea Prezzioso is born.


Mary Anne's Family

BSC Members





Pop Culture and Real-Life References[]

  • Babar, Wuthering Heights, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Dead Bird, The Little Engine that Could (books)
  • Halloween, the Music Man (movies)
  • William Penn

Continuity and Inconsistencies[]



  • There's a punctuation error on page 79.
  • In chapter 13, Jessi says she remembers her dad taking her mom to the hospital when she was in labor with Squirt. She remembers their grandmother was with them. But in The Baby-sitters Remember, Jessi’s most vivid memory is of Squirt being born. A neighbor (Mrs. Jasper) stayed with Jessi and Becca until Aunt Cecelia arrived.
  • Mary Anne narrates that because she loves Richard so much she can usually ignore it when he goes into one of his orderliness frenzies, indicating that she finds that irritating. However, in other books Mary Anne is described as being very neat and orderly herself.

Ann M. Martin's Dear Reader Letter[]

Dear Reader,

Mary Anne was the first member of the Baby-sitters Club to have a steady boyfriend. However, I know from letters that I receive from readers that lots of girls do not have boyfriends at all when they’re Mary Anne’s age. So it seemed reasonable to me that Mary Anne and Logan would break up at some point. Also, in the past Mary Anne has had problems in her relationship with Logan.

It isn’t easy for Mary Anne to stick up for herself. But when something is very important to her — such as standing up to her father when she felt he was treating her like a little girl — then she will do it. I knew that some readers would be disappointed by this book, but I felt it was a realistic direction for Mary Anne and Logan’s relationship to take. And who knows what the future may bring?


  • Andrea and Mrs. Prezzioso have birthdays in February.
  • Mary Anne's bookmark spells out the versus rather then vs and some books from the time.
  • On the dedication page it says "this book is in honor of the birth of Olivia Connett Swomley."
  • Mary Anne and Dawn know that Mrs. Prezzioso is having another girl but the rest of the BSC doesn't.
  • Mary Anne calls Stacey and Claudia about boy problems.
  • It bothers Kristy that she doesn't wear a bra yet.
  • Claudia is teaching Dawn how to make beaded jewelry.
  • Dawn thought Mary Anne and Logan would eventually get married one day.
  • Karen tries to get a baby sitter for Moosie and Goosie.
  • Mary Anne mentions that she hates going to the dentist.
  • This is the first time Jenny hears Mary Anne yell.
  • Madeleine Prezzioso's birthday is on a Tuesday in this book.
  • The BSC hosts a valentine's party before the meeting.
  • Mrs. Frank stays with Jenny if the baby came during the night.
  • Jenny wanted to have a brother.
  • Mary Anne and Logan temporarily break up in this book. It lasts from #41-#46.
  • Jessi tells her aunt that she’ll be home by six when she babysits for Jenny (the emergency job). A babysitting curfew for the junior members is never specified, but this could imply that six p.m. is the curfew for Jessi and Mallory.


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