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Mary Bramstedt

Mary Bramstedt is one of the girls in Jessi Ramsey's dance class. She only appears in Jessi and the Awful Secret and mentioned in Jessi's Secret Language and Jessi and the Dance School Phantom.


She is described as having blonde hair.


She played one of the townspeople in the ballet recital "Coppelia" in Jessi's Secret Language

In Jessi and the Awful Secret, according to Jessi, she’s nice enough, but very intense. She’s a perfectionist who worries about getting every step exactly right. And according to Jessi, she’s not one of the best dancers in class. She’s stiff and sort of robot-like when she dances. It’s as if she can’t stop worrying long enough to let the music carry her. Mary always speaks up and says what's on her mind in her own quiet way.

Mary volunteered with Jessi to help teach a six-week ballet class on Tuesdays to less privileged kids in Stamford, gets six free lessons in exchange for the ones she misses.

One of the ballet students Mindy Howard advised Mary to lose weight even though she didn't need to. Mary becomes anorexic and goes on a rigorous diet. After fainting in ballet class, she goes to a doctor & psychologist for help to overcome her eating disorder. Her family also goes to counseling as well to over come her eating disorder.