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Maureen Spencer (formerly Maureen McGill) is Stacey McGill's mother. She was married to Edward McGill, but their marriage ended in divorce. She has a brother named Lou Spencer who is married to Beverly Tuttle and have twins named Jonathan and Kirsten as revealed in The Truth About Stacey.

It is not known where she was born but she spent many years in New York City with her husband and daughter.


While not described much Ewan Brooke said that she was very pretty. In both the graphic novels and Netflix series, she is seen to have blonde hair, looking similar to Stacey.


In the sixties and seventies she was a Beatles fanatic. She even called herself Paula for awhile to honor Paul McCartney. She has pictures of herself listening to them, mentioned in Stacey and the Bad Girls.

Maureen mentions her sixteenth birthday in Stacey and the Missing Ring and how she had a big party. She had her hair styled as a beehive in pictures.

Fifteen years prior to Stacey's Problem, it's mentioned that she and Ed would travel to Sheepshead Bay in Brooklyn to eat clams by the marina. About thirteen years prior she once went again and got sick assuming it was food poisoning before discovering she was really pregnant with Stacey. They never went back again since they were so busy.

Shortly before the events of Kristy's Great Idea, Edward was transferred to a Stamford branch of his law office and the family moved to 612 Fawcett Ave., Stoneybrook. Maureen, Stacey, and Edward moved back to New York City when Edward was re-transferred back to the New York office (Good-bye Stacey, Good-bye). During their second period in New York, Maureen and Ed's relationship became rocky, with many fights about money, work, and respect; Ed called Maureen a spendthrift and accused her of wasting his money, and Maureen called Ed a workaholic. Later, Maureen also suggested that she lost respect for Ed because of his choice to leave public defense for corporate law (Stacey McGill... Matchmaker?) Maureen and Ed decided to divorce, and Maureen moved with Stacey back to Stoneybrook (Welcome Back, Stacey!).

Maureen can sometimes be a bit overprotective of Stacey because of Stacey's diabetes. Whenever she has to say good-bye to Stacey in New York City (even if Stacey is just going downstairs or down the street), Maureen always tells Stacey to "have fun and be careful."

Maureen can be a bit of a shop-a-holic like Stacey. When Stacey goes off to Camp Mohawk, everyone jokes that she will make Bloomingdale's department store go broke.

Maureen goes hunting for full time job doing temporary work. Maureen collapses during interview and taken to hospital for pneumonia, goes home for recovery. Stacey arranges mom-sitters to care for her when Stacey's not there in Stacey's Choice.

She spent her junior year of college abroad in Paris, and fell in love with Jean-Paul whose father was a famous chef. She nearly married him if her mother didn't fly over to get her in Stacey and the Mystery at the Empty House. She can still speak French fluently.

She stayed with the Cummings' in Stacey's Emergency when Stacey was in the hospital. She and Ed fought with each other the entire time she was back in New York.


Stacey mentions that she hasn't worked full time for years in Stacey and the Mystery of Stoneybrook, alluding to at least a part time job here and there.

Maureen is a buyer for Bellair's Department store in Stoneybrook which she gets in Stacey's Choice. She has her own office and gets a great employee discount. She used to work in the children's clothing department at Macy's.

In Friends Forever #10 Stacey's Problem, she changes her name back from Maureen McGill to Maureen Spencer, in part because Stacey's dad is getting remarried. Initially she is upset but copes with it well. She is also considering opening her own clothing shop. She gets the loan to start the process by the end of the book.


She was married to Edward McGill until the events leading up to Welcome Back, Stacey!. Maureen mentions how they fell in love in Snowbound. She can remember thinking she was in love was when they had many common likes and dislikes They both love the old I Love Lucy show, and shared the same favorite episode. It’s the one in which Lucy decides Ricky needs some publicity. So she poses as royalty from a made-up country – the Maharincess of Franistan – and arranges a special meeting with Ricky Ricardo, her singing idol. Their favorite brand of jeans was Levi’s, favorite kind of music was swing, favorite bandleader was Tommy Dorsey, and both never smoked.

She briefly dates John Brooke, a detective writer, in Stacey McGill... Matchmaker?. They eventually broke up because she didn't agree with his views or how he treated his kids.

In Stacey's Problem, she goes out on a date with a guy from another store who is also a buyer.


  • Dee Pike
  • Peggy Cummings (since college in #51)
  • Interior designer friend (mentioned in M#22)


  • Living at a slower pace
  • Travel (#24, M#18)
  • Reading (#24)
  • Dogs (#24)
  • Sewing (#24)
  • Vivaldi (#36)
  • I Love Lucy and her favorite episode is when Lucy poses as the Maharincess of Franistan.
  • Likes Stoneybrook better then her husband did (#28)
  • Anchovies on her pizza (FF#10)
  • Jog (FF#10)
  • Bike ride (FF#10)


  • Driving in the snow (SS#7)


Media Portrayals[]

TV series[]

Maureen is played by Nancy Youngblut and only appears in the episode Stacey Takes A Stand.


She is played by Colleen Camp.

Netflix series[]

She is played by Shauna Johannesen and appears in two episodes.