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Max Delaney is six years old and one of the BSC charges. He is the younger brother of Amanda Delaney and a member of the Delaney Family.


He has blond hair and blue eyes.


Max is described as mean, nasty, spoiled, and bossy in Kristy and the Snobs. His friends includes Timmy Hsu and Huck (formerly in Poor Mallory!). He enters Boo-Boo in the BSC's pet show in Jessi and the Dance School Phantom.

He and his family live on McLelland Road until they move away and the family of Melody Korman moves into their old home.

Before moving, he was a member of Kristy's Krushers.

Media Portrayals[]

TV series[]

He is played by Tyler Noyes in the episode The Baby-sitters Remember.