Maxine "Maxie" Louisa Medvin is an 8 year old girl who is the pen pal of Karen Brewer. She lives in a big apartment in New York City. She goes to Park West School with her classmates. 

Appearance Edit

She has red hair, pierced ears, and contact lenses. From her school picture, Karen says that she wears trendy clothes.

Biography Edit

In Karen's Pen Pal, she becomes Karen's pen pal when she chooses her name out of a hat. Both Maxie and Karen try to out do each other by telling fibs about themselves in their letters to each other. This lasts until Maxie comes to visit Karen's school, and comes clean about all of the things she lied about.

Her dad is a doctor that delivers babies for a living. She has 13 year old twin sisters named Kathryn and Leslie. She has two adopted brothers adopted from South America: Doug, who is 4 months old, and Benjie, who is 2 years old. She has an aquarium full of fish too. Her teacher is named Ms. Mandel. She's been to Disneyland and Disney World twice.

Friends Edit

  • Karen Brewer

Pets Edit

  • Fish

Likes Edit

  • the restaurant Mama Leons
  • watching plays at Radio City Music Hall
  • Kick ball
  • Animals
  • Reading
  • roller skating

Dislikes Edit

Trivia Edit

  • She has never broken a bone
  • Maxie collects erasers of different shapes and sizes.
  • Her favorite dinosaur is Ornitholestes.

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