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The McGill Family is the family of Stacey McGill and they live in both New York City and Stoneybrook.


The family first moved to Stoneybrook from NYC on the Upper West Side (in a tenth floor apartment) in August before Stacey started seventh grade. Edward and Maureen can't have anymore children after Stacey. They are very protective of her and are constantly searching for a miraculous cure for her diabetes. They thought she needed a "peaceful little town" like Stoneybrook because of her diabetes. Edward worked in Stamford, heading a branch of a company. Stacey and her parents moved back to NYC to 14 West 81st St., Apt 12E when her father was transferred back.

After Stacey's parents divorced, she and her mother moved back to Stoneybrook and her father moved as well.

Stacey notes in Good-bye Stacey, Good-bye that she's from Scottish and French descent but you'd have to go far back to find someone who lived in those countries.

Stacey mentions several family vacations in Stacey's Book. She mention, going to a dude ranch when she was seven, a trip with the Cummings to San Francisco when she was eight, and when she was nine they went to Ireland and Scotland. Stacey mentioned a winter vacation to a resort on St. Thomas island.

In The Summer Before, Stacey mentions that her family used to live in downtown Greenwich Village until she was three.

Family Members[]

Extended Family[]

  • Eric McGill (#3)
  • Carla McGill (#3)
  • Beverly Spencer (#3)
  • Lou Spencer (#3)
  • Jonathan Spencer (#3)
  • Kirsten Spencer (#3)
  • Cheryl McGill (#3)




Stacey and her mom live at 89 Elm Street in Stoneybrook.

The house on Elm Street has two sets of stairs, low doorways, wavy panes of glasses and floors that title a little. The house dates back to the 1880s. At least six families have lived in the house in the past ten years or so. The house has a bathtub resting on claw feet, a bedroom with dormer windows. The doorway to the attic is next to the doorway for the upstairs bathroom. The attic is on the third floor with a light switch at the bottom of the steps. It's small but crammed with stuff.

Stacey had a portrait of Sophie, a girl who lived in her house in the 1890s and whose diary was discovered in Mallory and the Mystery Diary, over the living room mantelpiece. Maureen gets some exercise equipment in Stacey vs. the BSC.

Mrs. McGill and Stacey's house new backyard is back to back with the Pikes'.

New York[]

Her father lives at 321 East 65th St., Apt 2F in New York City.

The apartment is old and classy, with brick walls and a cozy little fireplace. The building is prewar with a southern exposure. There is a desk in the office corner with a computer, printer, and fax machine. There are two bedrooms, one for Stacey whenever she wants to visit. There's a futon that unrolls into an extra bed. A couch in the living room open into a double bed. The apartment building doesn't get a doorman until Baby-sitters' Christmas Chiller.


The McGill family previous lived at 612 Fawcett Avenue. After they moved out, The Ramseys moved into the house.


  • Stacey doesn't really like her cousin Cheryl. She prefers Kirsten and Jonathon in The Truth About Stacey
  • At least one of Stacey's grandfathers is still alive in Good-bye Stacey, Good-bye.
  • Stacey mentions that they've been to the Jersey Shore once in Boy-Crazy Stacey.
  • Stacey mentions one of her uncles had a ruptured appendix in Logan's Story and almost died from it.
  • Maureen and Stacey went to Martha's vineyard without Ed so he could work on a presentation, as Stacey mentioned in Stacey McGill, Super Sitter.
  • Stacey mentions that her parents had pretty relaxed rules before her diabetes diagnoses in The Truth About Stacey.
  • When she was six Stacey's grandmother gave her a 10 story Victorian doll house for her to play with.
  • It's unclear if Stacey's grandparents on either side of her family is alive by the time Stacey is thirteen.