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The McKeevers is a woman that only appears in Kristy's Great Idea.


They live at 52 Quentin Court in Stoneybrook. Mrs. McKeever has a niece named Miss Hargreaves. She had called the Baby-sitters Club to watch her dogs, after reading the ad wrong. She was gone for a couple of days leaving Miss Hargreaves in charge. Mrs. McKeever attempts to arrange another sitter through the BSC, but Kristy tells her that they weren't pet sitters.


Pinky & Buffy McKeever are three year old purebred St. Bernards and charges of the Baby-sitters Club.

Although they are dogs, they seems to require constant attention. When Kristy baby-sat them, they played outside and bowled Kristy over before running into the clothes hanging out on the line. She decided they would behave better inside, which they did. Any time they acted up, Kristy would open the laundry room door and they would calm down.

It was during this job that Kristy got the idea of starting The Notebook in order to write down information on their jobs so that other sitters would be aware of what was going on with their clients. Kristy earned $3.50 from this babysitting job.


  • Their mailman cookies.
  • Play with their footballs


  • Least favorite place is the laundry room.