McLelland Road is a street in Stoneybrook, Connecticut. It is located in the rich area of town.


  • The Brewer/Thomas family lives in a big white house at 1210 McLelland Rd. According to book 1 ,the house has a wide green yard with trees and flower beds all around. The backyard is has a ride-on train. There are three floors in the house. Karen is convinced the third floor is haunted by the ghost of Ben Brewer. When you open the front door, there is a large front hall, a tree growing in the living room, a chandelier, and a stained glass window.
  • The Delaney Family (across the street from the Brewers. After the Delaneys move out, the Korman family moves in. They have a large house with a fountain in the front hallway and a large pool in the backyard.
  • The Papadakis Family (next door to the Delaney/Korman house)
  • Tabitha Porter (Morbidda Destiny) - lives next door to the Brewer family in a run down looking Victorian mansion with gables and turrets. Karen's bedroom window faces Mrs. Porter's house.
  • Abby & Anna Stevenson
  • Shannon Kilbourne- next door to the Delaney/Korman house, across the street from the Brewer/Thomas House.
  • Scott & Timmy Hsu.
  • Petey Crosby - Two years old and friends with Emily Michelle.
  • Nelson Rice - Two years old and friends with Emily Michelle.
  • Callie and Keith Bates - four year old twins and Andrew Brewer's friends.
  • The Billings 
  • Mr. Giordano
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