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McLelland Road is a street in Stoneybrook, Connecticut. It is located in the rich area of town.


The next street over behind the Thomas/Brewer family home is Kemp Avenue. In Mary Anne and the Little Princess, the street is described as hilly and curvy. There's a steep hill around the corner from the Brewer house that Jackie Rodowsky crashed and hit a tree in Kristy's Worst Idea.

There's an empty house in Karen's Haunted House called the Powell House. Hannie Papadakis thinks is haunted after the owners moved. The city owns the house now and let Mr. and Mrs. Papadakis make it a haunted house for Halloween. They signed up groups to decorate rooms. Homes for Families charged admission and the the money went to help families find homes. There's twelve rooms and bathrooms that needed decorated. Volunteers helped decorate the rooms including Ms. Colman's Class. The event was on the news.