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Megan Rinehart is a fictional author in The Baby-Sitters Club series who only appears in Mary Anne Misses Logan.


Mary Anne Spier, Pete Black, Logan Bruno, and Miranda Shillaber were assigned to study her work for an English assignment at Stoneybrook Middle School. Miranda took the opportunity to switch with Cokie Mason when she didn't want to work with Pete.

Rinehart has written fourteen books. Mary Anne adores her books and owns several of them. One of which has pink prom dress in the title.

She came to SMS on Author Day, and Mary Anne's group presented their project to a school assembly which included her and two other authors. Rinehart also spoke at the assembly, and Mary Anne thinks she was the best speaker of all. She gives each member of Mary Anne's group a signed copy of her newest book.


  • Cokie called her by the wrong name at first calling her Marie Rinehard.
  • She has written in a variety of genres including: humor, mystery, and short story
  • She lives in New York City.
  • Howard Kingbridge gave her a Stoneybrook Middle School t-shirt, mug, and a thank you certificate for coming to Author Day.