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The Meiner Family is the family of Kristy Thomas's cousins Beth, Emma, and Luke Meiner. They are from out of town and primarily appear in Kristy's Big Day. The Meiner Family appears in both the novel and the graphic novel.


Theo (née Taylor) Meiner is the sister of Elizabeth Thomas-Brewer and the aunt of Kristy Thomas. Her mother is Janet Taylor.

Kristy describes Neal as wearing clashing clothes, smokes cigar, and talks too loudly in Kristy's Big Day. He's not Kristy's favorite relative. Prior to Claudia and the First Thanksgiving, he breaks his leg so the family can't come to Thanksgiving.

Beth giggles and smiles when Kristy takes her out of the car. Beth has naps with the other babies and is in Mary Anne's group. Kristy has seen only pictures of Beth before meeting her at the wedding. She has a walk a tot toy that helps calm her down. She takes naps at eleven and two. She's allergic to cow's milk so she has soy formula.

Family Members[]

  • Theo (née Taylor) Meiner (mother)
  • Neal Meiner (father)
  • Luke Meiner (10)
  • Emma Meiner (8)
  • Beth Meiner (1)