Melody Korman made her first appearance at the end of BSLS #19 Karen's Good-bye. Melody and her family moved into the house where Amanda Delaney lived on McLelland Road. Melody is seven years old and attends Stoneybrook Day School. Melody has a nine year old brother named Bill and a baby sister named Skylar. Melody is a member of the Korman Family.



Kristy babysits her and her siblings the most since she lives close to him. She always has hot dogs when he is being babysat except they had pizza once when Kristy sat for her.

Melody and her siblings had a hard time adjusting to living in a huge mansion. They imagine toilet gurgles to the be the toilet monster They must run into bed before the toilet stops flushing or the Toilet Monster will get them. Mary Anne makes a game out of it that cures them of their fear of the monster. Now they flushed the toilet a lot. A plumber fixes the pipes and make the toilet monster gone.

She is in the Save the Planet class, where she and Hannie work at a plant booth at the Green Fair.




  • Pets
  • Playing dress up.


  • Thunder


  • She scares easily
  • Melody and her family is Jewish.
  • She thinks the chocolate chips in their ice cream are moles.
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