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The Menders Family is a family originally from Boston, MA who eventually decide to move to Reese, Maine. They only appear in Baby-sitters' Haunted House.


The Menders' are friends of Lisa and Seth Engle. They aren't sure if they want to move out of Boston, but are trying out Randolph Mansion in Reese that Tom Menders inherited from his uncle. The family used to live in a big apartment in Boston in a new building with an elevator. The family eventually decides to move to Reese.

Tom Menders is a corporate businessman who is thinking about opening a health food store.

Lionel wants to be an actor and becomes involved in the theater scene in Reese. He gets a small part in the play, "Our Town." He coaches his brother Jason's softball team as well. His little league won the Massachusetts Little League championship.

Jill likes swimming, dressing up, dancing, summer, and teenagers. She dislikes people who act like babies, winter, and being bored. She idolizes Dawn Schafer and tries to dress like her and follows Dawn around when they're together. When trying to adjust to Reese, she and Martha consider trying out for the local swim team and later join. Jill later becomes a babysitter for a 4-year-old girl named Tammy Johnson.

Jason becomes involved with the softball team in Reese which is called the Locals. Jason is ostracized by the local boys when they think that he's just around for the summer. When his family moves to Reese, he becomes a member of the team with the help of Kristy Thomas.

Martha is shy and her best friend from home is Louise. Karen Brewer tries to set Martha up with new friends and she ends up with three new friends in Reese. Together, she and Jill joined the local swim team.

Family Members[]

  • Tom Menders
  • Mrs. Menders
  • Lionel Menders (14)
  • Jill Menders (10)
  • Jason Menders (9)
  • Martha Menders (7)


  • They have a family cat called Spooky.
  • Jason is the best at ping-pong and plays often back in Boston.