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Mildred Abbott is Cokie Mason's grandmother. She is only seen in Kristy and the Missing Fortune.

Appearance and Personality[]

Appearance She was tall and thin, with perfectly white hair that was perfectly arranged.  Her face was stern, and while her blue eyes were piercing — here’s where I found the first surprise — they danced when she smiled. Mrs. Abbott looked stern, but she really wasn’t. She is about Nannie's age.

Personality She was funny, and interesting, and interested:  in Kristy (and in the BSC), and her questions about Christina Thomas. Kristy notes that she's also very proper.


Kristy finds her name in the phone book when she was researching Christina Thomas with Mary Anne and Claudia looking through the town records and old newspapers. She arranged it for Kristy to come over tea and give her information about Christina. She gave Kristy the letter which lead to the BSC finding where she hid a box of her "treasures".

She gave Kristy Christina's locket since she felt connected to the mystery and looked like her, despite it going to Cokie. Kristy hugged her and she is last seen celebrating the Arboretum's donation.


  • She's a great baker and makes lemon bars for Kristy when she visits for tea.
  • Kristy calls her apartment the nicest, most elegant apartment I’d ever seen, with gorgeous Oriental rugs on the floors, and paintings in gold frames on all the walls.
  • Her cousin is Devon Thomas IV.