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Baby-sitters Club Mini Books are short stories in the form of very small books which came included with other merchandise. Seven of the mini books (the ones focused on specific characters) came with the 18-inch BSC Dolls made by Kenner in 1993. One book and doll was produced for each of the BSC members. The Collector's Mini Book came with either the The Baby-Sitters Club Mystery Game or some of the VHS releases. The How-to Guide for Baby-sitters came with the 1991 Remco dolls.

Mini Books[]

1993 Kenner dolls[]

BSC Mystery Game or VHS release[]

1991 Remco dolls[]

1993 Kenner dolls mini book stories[]

All seven of these mini books are written by Peter Lerangis, and take place on the same Saturday at the Washington Mall. All of BSC members are going to the mall that day with a particular mission, but four of the seven have charges to take care of too.

BSC Member Companion(s) Charges Store Mission
Kristy Pike triplets Sportworld Gloves for the triplets
Mary Anne Logan Bruno Hunter Bruno electronics store Radio alarm clock
Claudia Stacey (initially) none Toy Town, dime store, Time and Again, bookstore Dress for the basketball team dance, Nancy Drew books
Stacey Robert Brewster, Claudia (initially) none Steven E Dress for the basketball team dance
Dawn Buddy Barrett, Suzi Barrett, Jenny Prezzioso My Satin Doll, train store, Yin and Yang, Just Desserts doll store for Jenny, train store for Buddy, and food for Suzi
Jessi jazz dance class including Julie Mansfield (unplanned) none none Toe shoes and new tights
Mallory Carolyn Arnold, Marilyn Arnold Animalia A reasonably priced pet for the twins

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