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Miriam Goldberg is the sister of Rachel Stevenson and the maternal aunt of Abby and Anna Stevenson. She has a six month year old son named Daniel Goldberg.


Abby remembers her with a blond (possibly dyed) ponytail when she was four. She looked a lot like her sister, but her hair a few shades lighter.


In Abby and the Mystery Baby her backstory is explained.

Abby Stevenson remember stories about when Miriam was young. She and Rachel ate so much licorice that they'd both thrown up. She had a turtle named Mabel growing up. She won an essay contest when she was in the fifth grade and showed off her blue ribbon. As a teenager Miriam would attract "bad" boys, the kind with motorcycles that kept her out late. Rachel would call her irresponsible and expected Rachel to bail her out when she found herself in trouble as noted in Abby and the Mystery Baby.

Abby met her once when she was four. She didn't come to Jonathan Stevenson's funeral because she was out of the country at the time. Miriam was living everywhere; it seems as if she's lived in ten states and three different countries. At some point prior to the series she had become estranged from her family.

She had her son Daniel six months prior to Abby and the Mystery Baby and his father broke up with her. Miriam's parents had met him and couldn't stand him. They didn't know that she was pregnant. After Daniel's father left her, she settled in New York. She didn't call anyone until she was back on her feet. She didn't have much money and what she did have she put toward Daniel's care.

Miriam started to become seriously ill and finally broke down and asked Rachel to care for him for awhile. She used her last few dollars to rent a car to drive her and Daniel out to Stoneybrook. Miriam left her son, Daniel, on the doorstep of the Stevenson Family. She wrote a note and stuck it in his car seat before heading to the hospital.

She was a patient at St. Barnabas Hospital in New York in room. Miriam had diabetes and wasn't taking care of herself. She was even in a coma for a while before waking up. Rachel had found her and put her differences behind her in order to care for her.

Miriam finally got out of the hospital and reunited with her parents and son. She moved to Florida to be with her parents and take care of her son.


  • In Abby in Wonderland, she comes to her mother's anniversary party. Abby calls her sharp and often picks up on things that aren't stated.

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