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Morgan is the aunt of Sunny Winslow and the older sister of Betsy Winslow. She lives in Atlanta. She is with Sunny and Sunny's parents when Sunny's mom is dying.


She makes her first appearance in Sunny, Diary Three and Sunny calls her a control freak. She's been staying with the Winslows and keeping the house together, even though she's not much of a cook or a housekeeper. Sunny notes that she's not married.

When Sunny was born Morgan brought Paul and Betsy a bottle of vodka with a pink ribbon on it. At first they thought that it was the only thing she brought as a gift, before pulling out a bag of stuff including her baby blanket.

Sunny also hears the story about how Morgan gave Betsy a haircut and how they ended up nearly bald. Morgan ended up getting grounded and her allowance docked.


  • Sunny realizes that her aunt was a troublemaker when she was a kid and has a good sense of humor.
  • Morgan has only seen Sunny about 6 or 7 times in her life.
  • She attended New York University to get away from her overtly conservative parents. She briefly attended Townsend College for two years before switching.

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