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BSC: The Movie, also known as The Baby-Sitters Club: The Movie was released by Columbia Pictures in 1995 and directed by Melanie Mayron. The movie centered around the club as they decided to run a day camp in Mary Anne and Dawn's backyard for the summer. Each of the older members had to deal with some sort of problem or issue as the summer wore on as the club looked to work together to find a new headquarters, while trying to keep Cokie Mason and her friends from sabotaging the club's plans. A novelization of the movie was published in editions for different reading levels.



At the first Baby-Sitters Club meeting for the summer, Kristy comes up with the idea of holding a day camp for their charges. Mary Anne & Dawn's parents agree to host the camp in their backyard as long as the kids do not come inside the house (leading the club to rent a porta potty for the summer). The summer camp annoys Dawn's neighbor, Mrs. Haberman, who keeps threatening to have the camp shut down.

Kristy's father also comes back into town to see her, but cautions her to not tell anyone he is there. This leads to a summer of lies and secrets (only Mary Anne knows he is in town), while Kristy and her dad rebond over baseball and mouse pancakes. Her dad promises to take Kristy to the local amusement park for her birthday but never shows. Kristy, having run out on her friends, tries to walk home in the rain, but is picked up by the members of the club, where she celebrates her birthday with her friends over a melted ice cream cake

Meanwhile, Claudia is doomed to summer school. Her parents have told her that she needs to bring up her grades and pass summer school or else she is kicked out of the club. She is worried about not passing her test, until the kids at the day camp perform a rap song based on the material, helping Claudia pass the test.

Stacey is also enjoying a summer romance with Luca, a seventeen year old exchange student. Luca believes she is at least sixteen, until they go to New York City and Stacey is not allowed into a teen club. Luca and Stacey break up briefly until Stacey calls on Luca to help them rescue Kristy from her rainy walk home from the amusement park.

The club is also on the hunt for a new headquarters, believing they are close to outgrowing the space at Claudia's house. They find an old greenhouse and spend the summer with the kids cleaning it up and fixing it up. After the renovations and cleanup is complete, the members realize that Claudia's room is perfect as club headquarters and decide to turn the greenhouse into a garden/greenhouse for Mrs. Haberman as a way of thanking her for putting up with the day camp.

Cokie Mason and her friends lurk in the background looking for ways to sabotage the club in any way but never manage to succeed. Alan Gray also hangs around the summer camp a lot trying to get Dawn to go out with him. Watson, Elizabeth, and Karen also make brief appearances as do many regular BSC charges.


  • Total box office intake: $9.6 million
  • Young Artist Award: 1996 winner for Best Performance by a Young Ensemble, Best Performance for actress under age 10 (Scarlett Pomers - Suzi Barrett)


  • Summertime: Moonpools and Caterpillars
  • Say It: The Caufield's
  • Hannah, I Locked You Out
  • Let Me Know: Xscape
  • Hold On:
  • Everything Changes: Matthew Sweet
  • Don't Leave: Ben Lee
  • Step Back: Letters to Cleo
  • Daddy's Girl: Lisa Harlow Stark
  • Girl-Girlfriend (main theme): BSC Cast

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