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Mr. Fred Dougherty is a sixth grade creative writing teacher at Stoneybrook Middle School. He is first introduced in Mallory on Strike.

Appearance and Personality[]

Mr. Dougherty is kind of round and jolly with a big bushy mustache that he twirls around his finger whenever he's pleased with something.

Mallory calls him the coolest, funniest, smartest teacher she ever had.


He teaches Mallory Pike in Mallory on Strike. In the book he tells the class about Young Author's Day event which Mallory writes her book for. His class is a special creative writing one that meets on Tuesday and Friday in a former teachers lounge. Mr. Dougherty has ten students in this class.

He's one of the teachers that goes on the trip in Baby-sitters' European Vacation. He acts a little goofy which gets on Mrs. McGill's nerves.


  • He has a book published in Mallory on Strike.
  • His students call him Mr. D. Mallory on Strike.
  • Ann M Martin based him on one of her former teachers as stated in her Dear Reader letter.