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Mr. Otto Finch also known by his real name Arthur Maguire is the neighbor that lives behind the Stevenson Family at 2105 Kemp Avenue. He is only seen in Abby and the Notorious Neighbor.


Mr. Finch annoys his neighbors, particularly the Stevensons, when he mows his lawn early in the morning. Abby Stevenson describes him as a fastidious home owner and mowed his lawn at least twice a week. He also clipped every stray blade of grass and weeded the walkways until the yard looked ready for a military inspection. He doesn't have flowers however.

Mr. Finch moved into the neighborhood the same time the Stevensons did. Abby notes that he's not very friendly and and keeps to himself.

He was featured on the show Mystery Trackers, as a wanted man. He is wanted for embezzling from the company he worked for and driving it to bankruptcy. Then he abandoned his family after stealing his wife's life savings. In total it was about 20,000 dollars.

He has pictures that his children, Patty and Joseph, drew on his refrigerator. He is originally from Des Moines, Iowa. The TV show announcer said Arthur seemed like an upstanding man. Interviews with coworkers and neighbors said that he was polite enough even though he kept to himself. His kids are about six and eight.

Mr. Finch was arrested by Sergeant Johnson and the show Mystery Trackers filmed the arrest. He would be sent back to Iowa, where he'd be tried and sentenced for his crimes.


  • One of his neighbors is Ms. Fielding, who is also one of Abby's backyard neighbors.
  • His family was doing fine without him when Sergeant Johnson checked things out, the community in Iowa is helping take care of the kids.