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Mr. Ted Morton was the director of Washington Mall. He is only seen in Stacey and the Mystery at the Mall.


Mr. Morton replaced Ms. Richards sometime prior to Stacey and the Mystery at the Mall when she retired.  Before that, he had been an assistant manager. Articles printed from the Stoneybrook News include: stories about new and exciting happenings at the mall, such as a book drive that was held to benefit a homeless shelter in Stamford, and free Sunday concerts for kids. Mr. Morton seemed to be the driving force behind the “new, community-minded spirit at the Washington Mall,” according to one reporter. The next articles weren’t quite so upbeat. One raised the question of a “misappropriation of mall funds.” The next two discussed the possibility of the mall filing for bankruptcy. The second one even referred to the fact that Ted Morton was being investigated, though it wasn’t clear why.

Ms. Garcia, head of security, had told Kristy that Mr. Morton was always in his office on Thursday afternoons, and that he had let it be known that during that time he was available to talk to merchants or mall customers who had problems or questions.

Turns out he was stealing computers and VCRs. He’s been taking them during the night and getting past the security cameras. He also stole three camcorders from the electronics store, a treadmill, a large-screen TV. Stacey caught him stealing some high demand toys from Toy Town while on her shift. He had a ski mask covering his face.

The BSC was suspicious of him since the mall had some financial difficulties. In order to do all the nice things, Mr. Morton must have run through all the money in the mall’s account. Then maybe he started to, ‘misappropriate funds,’ to cover up his mistakes. When it came out that the mall was close to bankruptcy, he couldn’t play around with the accounts anymore. However, he didn’t want to start saying ‘no’ to everybody. So, then he started stealing things.

Mara, Kyle, and Brenda caught him and when he realized they were living at the mall. They had an agreement. They wouldn’t tell about him if he wouldn’t tell about them. Later he threatened them to keep them quiet when he started to worry that we would tell on him. Kyle pulled the fire alarm which gave them time to find a bunch of new hiding places.

Mr. Morton is last heard of going to court to testify of what he done. Mr. Buford is his replacement.


  • Mr. Morton's not married and he doesn’t have any kids.