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Mr. Dale Ogura is an art appraiser who is only seen in Claudia and the Mystery in the Painting.


Claudia Kishi notes that he’s Asian-American. He’s helping Rebecca Madden decide on how to price some of the pieces that may be valuable in an estate sale. Kristy Thomas notes that he is very pushy.  Mary Anne Spier says that he gives her the creeps and says that he sneaks around the house and watches everyone.

He works for a business called Estates Unlimited with his father. Mr. Ogura was using his father’s name to get inside the house without making the Baby-sitters Club suspicious. He pretended to be an art student when he figured out Grandmother Madden’s students painted over her work. Mr. Ogura convinced Rebecca to sell what she thought were student pieces to him.

Claudia catches him and Suzanne Madden measuring art pieces including the one at the Stoneybrook Museum. He and Suzanne were making plans to steal Grandmother Madden’s art pieces that were painted over by her students.

Suzanne and Mr. Ogura shoved Claudia into an empty storage space and bolted, intending to leave the country with the art pieces and selling them. Suzanne double crossed him trying to get to the paintings first.

He was last seen being arrested.


  • His father was friends with Grandmother Madden and he bought one of her paintings.
  • He has a brother named Dennis, who was one of Grandmother Madden’s students.