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Mr. Trout is the computer programming teacher at Stoneybrook Middle School. He is only seen in Jessi's Horrible Prank.


He is about six feet tall and extremely skinny. He has waxy black hair combed in a style right out the 1970s. His pants are too big and alternates two tweed jackets from day to day. He wars old tattersall shirts that have plastic pocket protectors. Mr. Trout wears a toupee.


His students would try to prank, distract, or laugh at him. They would turn their backs on him during class or all drop their books at the same time. Jessi Ramsey hoped that one day he would snap and give them all detention but it never happened.

After watching the Sixth-Grade Follies performance, he left. Mr. Trout skipped school without telling Howard Kingbridge. He eventually called from a pay phone in Vermont. Ms. Bernhardt told Jessi Ramsey that he was pretty distant from the teachers.

Mr. Trout left and decided to go to graduate school in advanced computer studies. He'd like to research one day.


  • He pronounces his R's like little W's when he's extremely nervous.