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Mr. Zizmore is a former math teacher at Stoneybrook Middle School. Some of his former students include Stacey McGill, Sam Thomas, and Janine Kishi.


He is the detention monitor when Mallory Pike gets detention for the first time in Mallory Hates Boys (and Gym).

In Stacey's Big Crush, Mr. Zizmore uses big words instead of yelling when he gets fed up. Stacey calls him cool, patient, and friendly, and notes that he makes math come alive. His student teacher, Wesley Ellenburg, takes over his class for the last month of school. He gives Ellenburg the highest recommendation. He dances with Mrs. Rosenaur at the Spring Dance.

In Kristy and the Middle School Vandal, he is the teachers' representative in the Board of Education negotiating committee. He delivered the news that the teachers would strike if they could not compromise by the next week.

In Stacey and the Boyfriend Trap, Mr. Zizmore leaves his position at the school when his wife, Angela Zizmore, gets a job working for NASA in Texas. He had already secured a job at a school in Houston, Texas. Wesley Ellenburg gets his job when he leaves. At the end of the book his students, former students, and co-workers threw a party for him hosted by Stacey McGill and Pete Black that he greatly appreciated.

He is the Teachers of Tomorrow coordinator in Kristy in Charge.


  • His wife is also a mathematician.
  • Sometimes for fun he likes to sit around with his wife and do difficult math problems.
  • Stacey has him the last period of the day.
  • He likes spring.