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Mr. Elton and Mrs. Margaret Cooper who is really Margaret and Charles Randolph is a couple that acted as caretakers in Baby-sitters' Haunted House.


They were hired by the Mr. and Mrs. Menders to help out with the cooking and cleaning. They were hired for the summer and got along with the family. They lied to Mr. and Mrs. Menders saying that they were from Reese.

Mr. and Mrs. Cooper have been haunting the house, trying to scare the Menders out of the house so they could inherit the mansion and find a fortune in the attic. They would walk around with candles lite or turn the attic lights on and off and make creepy sounds. They had stolen the keys to attic from Mr. Menders so they could assure that no one could get into the attic and find out about their plans.

When Margaret realizes that someone was making inquiries about the mansion and saw Kristy and Mary Anne at the historical society before leaving quickly. She realized that the baby-sitters knew that she could speak.

When the baby-sitters and the Engle Family leaves, some parts of their ten step plan includes: starting a small electrical fire in Martha's room, causing plumbing issues, and getting Georgio Trono fired.

They moved all of their stuff out before they could be confronted about what they were doing. Charles left behind a note saying that "the house and it's ghosts are now yours."

Mary Anne Spier thought that she had seen Mrs. Cooper at the ferris wheel at the local fair. It was lady confirmed that they had went back to Scotland by the police.


  • Mrs. Cooper was faking her being mute.
  • Mrs. Cooper is described as pretty with straight dark hair pulled back into a bun and later described as having a Scottish accent.
  • Elton Cooper is Mr. Menders first cousin, who was second in line to inherit the mansion.
  • Mrs. Cooper has visited the local historical society asking about the mansion before.