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Mrs. Towne lives half way between Mary Anne Spier and Mr. and Mrs. Stone's farm in Stoneybrook, CT. She is only seen in Maid Mary Anne and Abby's Lucky Thirteen.


She is small with sharp direct brown eyes, short white hair that almost looks punk, and silky smooth pale brown skin.


Mrs. Towne is a prize-winning expert at smocking and quilting and French hand sewing. She is a widow and has a son named Cal who lives in Missouri. She sews her own clothes without a sewing machine, which her grandmother taught her how to do. She agrees to give Mary Anne sewing lessons. After the first lesson, she breaks her ankle and has to stay in the hospital for a few days. Mary Anne agrees to help her do housework until she gets better. She soon starts calling her for things that aren't even an emergency. She says she was selfish and all she wanted was company. They agree to stay friends. She drinks chamomile tea.

In Abby's Lucky Thirteen, the Arnold Twins visit her with Mary Anne. They ended up watching briefly TV at her house, when they were banned at home. They ended up all sharing some chocolate cake instead and looking at her newest projects.


Her house sits back on about an acre of cleared land set in the woods by the road. Stone fences mark the edges of it and line the driveway. It is a tidy old white farm house, with flowers, trees, and beds of vegetables around it.

Inside it has low ceilings and stairs leading from the from the hall. The kitchen is big and sunny, which leads out onto an even sunnier porch fills with plants of all kinds and sizes, which she uses as a sort of greenhouse.

Her handiwork is evident in almost every room of the house, including the guest room. The workroom is big, filled with sewing equipment.


  • She is friendly with Mrs. Stone who watches her house while she's at the hospital. She has a spare key.