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Ms. Besser was Jeff Schafer's teacher (presumably 5th grade) at Stoneybrook Elementary School. She first appears in Claudia and the New Girl.


Ms. Besser often called and had confrences with Sharon because of Jeff's behaviour in school. This behaviour led to the decision for Jeff to move back to California to live with his dad. She gives Jeff a surprise party before he leaves in Little Miss Stoneybrook ...and Dawn.

She helps Dawn Schafer plan the fund-raiser and sleepover for SES's pen pal school that burned down in Dawn and the Big Sleepover.

Ms. Besser bought one of Claudia Kishi's junk food paintings at her art show in Claudia and the Genius of Elm Street.


  • In Dawn and the Big Sleepover it's mentioned that Jeff shouted no more Ms. Besser, when he left for California. This is how Dawn remembered her.
  • Despite being married, she's always referred to as Ms. rather then Mrs. It could be that she opted not to change her last name upon marriage.
  • In Dawn and the Big Sleepover, her first name appears to begin with the letter J.
  • She doesn't have any children (yet) mentioned in Dawn and the Big Sleepover.