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Ms Colman from baby-sitters little sister

Mrs. Jean Simmons (nèe Colman) is a second grade teacher at Stoneybrook Academy and Karen Brewer's teacher. She teaches a class of eighteen students. She is very patient and doesn't yell or scold.


Ms. Colman marries Mr. Simmons in Karen's Wedding, and changes her last name. She still uses her maiden name professionally. She later gives birth to a daughter named Jane Simmons.

She attends the Winter Festival in Karen's Sleigh Ride with her husband and daughter.

In Karen's Wedding, it's revealed that she doesn't live in Stoneybrook. She lives out in the country and her house is surrounded by woods. Her mother lives in Chicago and her sister lives in Oregon and could not come to the wedding. Her sister's family and mother ended up coming to the wedding. Her sister is named Pat Bradley and her brother-in-law is Doug Bradley and they have a daughter named Caroline. They went to Niagara Falls for their honeymoon.

In Karen's Gift, her mother mentions that Ms. Colman had a lot of energy and spoke loudly in the house. Her mother would tell her to use her indoor voice, which Karen thinks she got the idea from.



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