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Ms. Colman's Class is a second grade class at Stoneybrook Academy. The class is first introduced throughout the Baby-Sitters Little Sister series. A spin off series called The Kids in Ms. Colman's Class was launched in September of 1995 focusing on various students.


Originally the class started with 16 students with four rows of desks. Before getting her class, Karen used to sit in the back with Nancy, Hannie, and Ricky as mentioned in Karen's School Picture.

Addie Sidney joins the class in Karen's New Friend and Pamela Harding joins in Karen's Sleepover.

There's a reading corner described in Twin Trouble. Hootie's cage is located in the back of the classroom.


The entire class participated in an episode of School Stars in Karen's School Surprise. They lost but as a participant the class got a computer for their classroom.

The entire class has a pen-pal in Ms. Mendel's class in New York City in Karen's Pen Pal. Ms. Mendel's class visits Stoneybrook in the book. Then Ms. Colman's class visits their class to work on a project in Karen's Dinosaur.

In Karen's Tuba they all learn how to play an instrument. They play Here Comes the Bride as a surprise when Ms. Colman announced she was getting married. The entire class is invited to her wedding in Karen's Wedding.

In Karen's Chain Letter, they all start collecting stamps. By the end of the book, they start answering the post cards from the chain letter sent out. They set up a website to keep in contact with them.

Class Field Trips[]

In Karen's School Trip, the entire class went to the Bedford Zoo minus Jannie Gilbert. The animal sculptures that they made in art class were displayed in the visitors center. They visit the same zoo in Baby Animal Zoo specifically to see the baby animal zoo exhibit.

Everyone participates in donating toys and decorating the kids playroom at the hospital in Karen's Accident.

The class visits the pet store in Karen's Grandad to pick out a class guinea pig to be friends with Hootie. The students originally visited the same pet store in Teacher's Pet.

They had visited a local airport when the student start a flight unit in Karen's Kite.

List of Students[]

Class Pets[]

  • Ms. Colman's class has two guinea pigs as their class pets: Hootie and Evelyn. Hootie was first introduced in Teacher's Pet. Evelyn was introduced in Karen's Grandad and had babies in the same book. The babies were raffled off between Mr. Berger and Ms. Colman's students.