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Myriah Perkins is a five-in-a-half-year-old (later six-year-old sitting charge of the BSC. She has two younger sisters: Gabbie Perkins and Laura Perkins. Myriah is a member of the Perkins Family. Myriah lives on Bradford Court near Claudia Kishi.


She has blonde hair and brown eyes in The Ghost at Dawn's House.


Myriah would race to the door when the baby-sitter comes in Claudia and the New Girl.

They always color at their baby table (a pink and white table with pictures of barbie dolls all over it) which is mentioned in The Ghost at Dawn's House.

In Claudia and the Great Search, Myriah and her sister like to memorize and sing along songs. They enjoy to "cook with real ingredients" and make their own recipes like green chocolate chip cookies. It's also mentioned that she takes dancing lessons.

In The Ghost at Dawn's House, it's said that she has Kristy's old bedroom with pictures of animals and a poster of a ballerina on her wall, and a doll house. She's smart and takes all kinds of lessons such as tap, ballet, dancing, and swimming. She and Mary Anne Spier could see into each others bedrooms until Mary Anne moved into the Schafers' house after her father remarried.

In Logan Likes Mary Anne!, it's mentioned that Myriah goes to Creative Theater at the Stoneybrook Community Center on Thursdays after kindergarten. It's mentioned in Little Miss Stoneybrook ...and Dawn , the bus drops her off at the corner of Bradford and Elm street. Myriah can sing and has an amazing voice. She performed as the baby bear in "Goldilocks & the Three Bears." She was the first runner-up in the Little Miss Stoneybrook Pageant and won a shopping spree to Toy City.

She is also a member of the kids' band that the BSC created called "All the Children of the World."

Myriah is a player on Kristy's Krushers and seems to understand baseball quite well.

She was in Claudia's group when the BSC took their clients to Sudsy's Carnival in Kristy and the Mother's Day Surprise.

She is part of Claudia's art classes in Claudia and the Sad Good-bye.





Graphic Novels[]

In the graphic novels, she has dark brown hair and black eyes. She occasionally puts it up to a curly ponytail.