Myriah Perkins is a 5½ old sitting charge of the BSC. She has brown hair and brown eyes. She has two younger sisters: Gabbie Perkins and Laura Perkins. She is very talented and loves performing.

Myriah can sing and has an amazing voice. She and Gabbie are popular in the neighborhood for all of the long songs that they know. She has taken lessons in ballet, tap dancing, and swimming. She also knows gymnastics. She goes to Creative Theater at the Stoneybrook Community Center on Thursdays after kindergarten. She performed as the baby bear in "Goldilocks & the Three Bears."

She was the first runner-up in the Little Miss Stoneybrook pageant and won a shopping spree to Toy City. She is also a member of the kids' band that the BSC created called "All the Children of the World." She is a player on Kristy's Krushers and seems to understand baseball quite well.

When the Perkinses moved into the Thomases' old house, Myriah's bedroom used to be Kristy's. The bedroom is now decorated with pictures of animals, a ballerina poster, and a dollhouse. She and Mary Anne Spier could see into each others bedrooms until Mary Anne moved into the Schafers' house after her father remarried. She is friends with Jamie Newton.

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