Nancy Dawes
Full name

Nancy Jane Dawes


Stoneybrook, CT




Daniel Dawes (baby brother)
Mr. Dawes (dad)
Mrs. Dawes (mom)
Unnamed cousins
Unnamed great-grandmother


Stoneybrook Academy



Nancy Dawes is a seven year old student in Ms. Colman's class at Stoneybrook Academy and a best friend of Karen Brewer. She appears throughout the Baby-Sitter's Little Sister series. She appears briefly in The Baby-Sitters Club series. Nancy is a member of the Dawes Family.

Appearance Edit

She has usually long red hair (sometimes described as reddish brown) and a bunch of freckles on her face. Karen says that Nancy rarely gets mad.

Biography Edit

Nancy's family is Jewish and celebrates Hanukkah. She celebrates Christmas with Karen while Karen celebrates Hanukkah with her in order to learn more about different celebrations in Karen's Wish. Her faith comes up multiple times in the series such as when she adopted Grandma B in Karen's Grandmothers, where they celebrate Yom Kippur and other various holidays together. Nancy doesn't eat pork as per Jewish traditions; she also says in Karen's Sleepover she probably wouldn't like it anyway.

Nancy's baby brother Daniel Dawes is born in Karen's Baby. While initially excited for his arrival, she found herself afraid of him when he came home tiny from an extended stay at the hospital. She is very close to her parents and can get homesick when away from them for multiple nights like she was during the events of Karen's Campout.

Nancy enjoys doing arts and crafts and playing with dolls. The Three Musketeers once used her bedroom for their doll boarding school. At various events like in Karen's Carnival, she will sell friendship bracelets. Nancy also shares a doll with Karen named Hyacynthia.

Nancy wants to be an actress when she gets older and can play the piano and played the clarinet in the class band. She likes classical music and likes listening to Grandma B play the violin. Nancy has dance classes on Wednesday afternoons in Karen's Figure Eight. Her ballet teacher's name is Mrs. Flament. She knows how to waltz as well when Grandma B taught her.

In Karen's Lemonade Stand she had temporarily quit helping Kristy Thomas with the Krushers to sell trail mix during games and practices.

She and Bobby Gianelli create B&N Gardeners to earn money to spend on Funland Amusement park. They split the money they earn between them and hire Andrew to help out. She gets into a fight with Karen when Karen gave them the last of the money she had.

In The Baby-Sitters Club series she goes with Karen to Shadow Lake in Baby-sitters at Shadow Lake. While Keep Out, Claudia!, Nancy comes up with the uniform for All the Children of the World, a red t-shirt and blue jeans.

Friends Edit

  • Nancy's two best friends are Karen and Hannie Papadakis, they call themselves the Three Musketeers. She and Hannie sit next to each other in the back of the class and will sometimes pass notes to each other.
  • Martha (formerly before she moved)
  • Bobby Gianelli (only after school)
  • Carly (from Hebrew School)

Pets Edit

  • The family once had a dog when Nancy was really little named Percy.
  • She has a kitten named Pokey

Likes Edit

  • Nancy likes reading and her favorite series is The Bobbsey Twins.
  • Her favorite teacher is Ms. Colman.
  • She had a crush on a student teacher, Mr. Howard, in Karen's School.
  • Nintendo games
  • Acting


Trivia Edit

  • In Karen's School Bus, Nancy said that Bobby protected her from the big kids.
  • She is the next door neighbor to Karen's "little house" where Karen's mother Lisa Engle and stepfather Seth reside on Forest Drive.
  • She had her appendix out.
  • Her pen pal in New York is named Eli.
  • In Karen's Twin she mentioned that she wanted to have a job and kids when she is older.
  • Her dad manages Stoneybrook Savings Bank and had went with him to bring your daughter to work day.
  • In Karen's Home Run she wins first place in the bike brigade. She wins one hundred dollars and donates it to Stoneybrook Manor for their library.
  • In Karen's Swim Meet she has cousins visiting her family from Minnesota.
  • Nancy said that she didn't learn how to ride a two wheel bike until she was almost six in Karen's Unicorn.
  • In Karen's Field Day her great-grandmother spied for the French freedom fighters in World War 2. She was captured by the Germans and sent to a prison, but had escaped. After the war, she received a medal from the mayor of Paris.
  • She is friendly with most of the girls in her class.
  • In Karen's Tattletale she was an aid in Mr. Posner's kindergarten class for switch day.
  • In Karen's Monsters she has a fear of public speaking. She gives a speech after everyone in the audience when they turn around their seats.
  • Her paternal great-grandmother's wedding ring was given to her by her father. It was stolen out of her desk in Karen's School Mystery and returned by the end.
  • She can cry real tears on cue.

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