Nannie (real name Janet Taylor) is the maternal grandmother of Charlie, Sam, Kristy & David Michael Thomas, the step-grandmother of Karen & Andrew Brewer and the adoptive maternal grandmother of Emily Michelle Brewer.


Her age is described as in her 70s and she usually wears pants. Nannie is described as energetic and spry. She can be very firm when it comes to discipline.


Her daughters are Elizabeth, Colleen and Theo.

Nannie used to live in an apartment 45 minutes away from the Thomases' old house, but moved into the Brewer-Thomas house after Emily Michelle was adopted.

When Watson became Mr. Mom after his heart attack, she felt left out and temporarily moved into an apartment in the Waterford Gardens Complex. She moves back home after realizing that she is needed & loved.

In Karen's Wish she broke her hip a couple of weeks before Christmas. She spent three weeks in the hospital before being released just in time for the holidays.


After she won the Cocoa Best Chocolate Cook-Off, Nannie began a baking business.


  • Bowling (she is a member of a bowling league)
  • Sewing
  • A terrific cook
  • Her favorite CD is Frank Sinatra
  • Her favorite book is "The Mayor of Casterbridge"
  • She loves watching the New York Knicks
  • Nannie volunteers at the hospital in Kristy and the Sister War.
  • Gardening


  • Nannie owns a car called The Pink Clinker.
  • She has an old cedar steamer trunk which contains old letters, pictures and other things she saved over the years.
  • In Karen's Mistake she becomes close to a man named Brian English and went on a couple of dates with him.


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