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Natalie DeWitt, formerly Natalie Barrett and more commonly known as Mrs. Barrett, is a member of the Barrett/DeWitt Family. She changed her name after marrying Franklin DeWitt in Here Come the Bridesmaids! She is the biological mother of Buddy Barrett, Suzi Barrett, and Marnie Barrett, and the sister of Randi. She is also the stepmother of of Lindsey, Taylor, Madeleine, and Ryan. She is also a client of Baby-sitters Club.

Appearance and Personality[]


According to Dawn and the Impossible Three, she looks like a model. She has curly chestnut hair and is tall. Stacey McGill notes that Natalie is younger then most moms and wears cool clothes, she also says that she'd love to look like her when she's older.


She's not a confident driver in Sea City, Here We Come!, Stacey even hears her cursing when someone cuts her off. Stacey also notes she's nice but disorganized. She feels overwhelmed on her first vacation since her divorce.


In college Natalie mentioned she used to play intramural sports in college in Shannon’s Story. She still has her friends from college, one of which was invited to be her bridesmaid in Here Come the Bridesmaids!, before calling to cancel.

She was married to Hamilton Barrett, but they later divorced. The divorce was nasty and she wouldn’t let her kids talk to him when he called. When he kidnapped Buddy, she was upset and was crying.

In Dawn and the Impossible Three, she relied on Dawn Schafer to help clean and take care of her kids as she looked for a job. Dawn notes that while Natalie may look put together, she was actually falling apart.

In Here Come the Bridesmaids! she married Franklin DeWitt and became the stepmother of his four children: Lindsey, Taylor, Madeleine, and Ryan from his first marriage to an unknown woman.

She helped take care of Maureen Spencer when she came down with pneumonia in Stacey's Choice.


Book Appearances[]