Natalie Springer from kids in ms colmans class
Natalie Springer is a friend of Karen Brewer and her friends. They are in Ms. Colman's class together. Like Karen, Natalie has blonde hair and wears glasses. Natalie is sensitive, shy, and smart.

She wears droopy socks that she constantly has to pull up. She also has a lisp, where she cannot pronounce her "s" and "z" correctly. She has a habit of snorting when she cries. She is known as being a klutz. In the Baby-Sitters Little Sister series, she is known for getting sick on buses, as she did in Karen's Kite.

Natalie loves cats, so much in fact that in Karen's Kittens, she tries to adopt Ruby. In Karen's Kite, Natalie's grandfather dies from bile-duct cancer.

Natalie has her own book in the series The Kids in Ms. Colman's Class - Second Grade Baby. Natalie wants to be friends with Karen, Hannie, and Nancy, but they are already very close. Karen feels bad for Natalie because she doesn't have any friends. The BSC discovers she can be bossy and demanding. They make a list for Natalie to be a better friend, and becomes friends with Becca and Charlotte. She also thought that Claudia and Stacey were her best friends.

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