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Natalie Springer is a friend of Karen Brewer and her friends. They are in Ms. Colman's class at Stoneybrook Academy together. Natalie is sensitive, shy, and smart. Her address is 62 Elm Street. Becca Ramsey and Charlotte Johanssen call her Nat.

Physical Description[]

Like Karen, Natalie wears glasses, but hers are noted to be gold rimmed in Karen's School Picture. She’s had her glasses since before kindergarten. She wears droopy socks that she has to pull up constantly. In Second Grade Baby, she had grown half an inch and lost two teeth. In Claudia and Crazy Peaches it's noted that she looks a little unkempt. Her socks droop around her ankles, her glasses are always a bit crooked on her nose, and her hair's a mess.

In the graphic novels she is changed to be a black girl.


In Claudia and Crazy Peaches, Claudia Kishi is the first person in the club to sit for her. Karen mentions in the book that she's a bit of an outcast in their class. Natalie can be bossy which makes it hard for her to make friends. The members of the BSC help her make friends with Charlotte Johanssen and Becca Ramsey.

Natalie has her own book, Second Grade Baby, in The Kids in Ms. Colman's Class series. Natalie wants to be friends with Karen Brewer, Hannie Papadakis, and Nancy Dawes, but the three are already very close. Karen feels bad for Natalie because she doesn't have any friends. The BSC discovers she can be bossy and demanding. They make a list for Natalie to be a better friend, and she becomes friends with Becca Ramsey and Charlotte Johanssen. She also thought that BSC members Claudia Kishi and Stacey McGill were her best friends.

She also has a lisp, where she cannot pronounce her "s" and "z" correctly. In Karen's Secret, she starts going to speech therapy.

She knows how to play the violin and played at Karen and Ricky's "wedding" in Karen's in Love. She also played the violin in the class band in Karen's Tuba.

She likes to draw and drew the pictures for the Juicy Lucy story Ricky Torres wrote in Author Day.

In Karen's Kite, Natalie's paternal grandfather dies. Most of her family is going to St. Louis to be with her grandmother, so her parents drop her off to stay with Karen. Everyone had been nice to her during the week after learning what happened. Karen would play with her including her ideas to fill up the bathtub and playing in it in their bathing suits or making wings and seeing if they could fly. When Karen and Natalie got into a fight the kids in the class took her side. The class had a kite-flying contest and Karen had won but split the certificate with Natalie.

Natalie goes to visit her uncle Ned and Aunt Rosie and her cousins for Thanksgiving in Karen's Surprise. Together they had a sleepover and stayed up until midnight. They had snuck into the kitchen and made turkey sandwiches.

In Karen's Snow Princess Karen helps Natalie win the snow princess competition.

She has a small cameo appearance in Jessi's Big Break, at the party to welcome Jessi Ramsey back from New York.

She attends Camp BSC in Mary Anne and Camp BSC and is part of the clown act at the end. By the end of the book she leaves for sleep away camp.

In Karen's Kittens, she tries to adopt one of the kittens Karen was trying to give away. Her mother tells her that she could have a pet but something easier to care for. Natalie was forced to give the kitten back to Karen.

She won the Pizza Queen contest at Pizza Express in Karen's Pizza Party, when her named got pulled next.



  • Buzzy Bear, a teddy bear she got from her grandfather from when she was born (formerly)
  • Buzzy Two



  • Being left out
  • Snakes (LS#24)
  • Not having her Buzzy Bear (sometimes)
  • Rats (LS#47)

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