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New York City

New York City in real-life.

New York City is where BSC Treasurer Stacey McGill used to live before she moved to Stoneybrook at the beginning of seventh grade. The baby-sitters visit and tour NYC occasionally during the series. Karen Brewer also visits NYC several times in the Baby-Sitters Little Sister series.

NYC in the BSC Franchise[]

Before Stacey moved to Stoneybrook, she went to a private school, Parker Academy, where she didn't have to wear uniforms. Stacey also would take the subway to school and once took the subway out to Coney Island. Stacey's best friend in NYC was Laine Cummings, before they had a falling out. After Stacey's parents get divorced, her father Edward McGill moves into a new apartment, and Stacey and her mother Maureen Spencer move back to Stoneybrook.

The Baby-sitters Club members go to New York City in Stacey's Mistake and New York, New York!. Jessi goes to a dance program there in Jessi's Big Break.

Karen Brewer has a pen pal who lives in NYC, Maxie Medvin. Karen visits her there a few times. The students in Ms. Colman's class has pen pals in the city as well. They went on a field trip to NYC in Karen's Dinosaur.

Book Appearances[]

Family & Friends in NYC[]

Baby-Sitting Charges in NYC[]

  • Henry & Grace Walker
  • The Barreras
    • Carlos
    • Blair
    • Cissy
  • The Delucas
    • Dennis
    • Sean
  • The Harringtons
    • Alistaire
    • Rowena
  • The Reameses
    • Leslie
  • The Upchurches
    • Natalie
    • Peggie
  • The Walters

Individuals in NYC[]

School Age[]


  • Anita
  • Miss Antonio
  • The Baickers
  • Dr. Barnes (#3)
  • Mrs. Barnes
  • Mr. Berlenbach
  • Donna Brinkman
  • Miss Chardon
  • McKenzie Clark
  • Mr. and Mrs. Cummings (Peg #3)
  • Mrs. Dandyworth
  • Mr. Davis
  • Rick Devine
  • Frank
  • Dr. Philip Graham (#3)
  • Issac
  • James
  • Judy
  • Lloyd
  • The Magnesis
  • Stu Majors (in #76
  • Meddows
  • Mitch
  • Miss Moss
  • Red
  • Sallie
  • Dr. Sherman
  • The Sombergs (#69)
  • Sweet Jane (in #62)
  • Dr. Tierny
  • Tom
  • Dr. Werner
  • The Wileys (#69)
  • Dr. Motz (in #43)

Places Mentioned/Visited in NYC[]


  • Leo's Coffee Shoppe (#3)
  • Blue Pan Coffee Shop
  • Hard Rock Cafe
  • Ernie's Pizza
  • Tribeca Bar and Grill
  • Sign of the Dove
  • Minter's Ice Cream
  • The Oyster Bar
  • Tavern on the Green
  • Cafe des Artistes
  • Russ and Daughters
  • The Lion's Lair
  • Palm Court in the Plaza Hotel
  • John's
  • Joe Allen's (#3)
  • The Saloon
  • Silver Spur
  • Un Deux Trois (LS#79)


Book and VHS covers[]

Interior Illustrations[]