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The Nicholls Family are a client of the Baby-sitters Club who just moved to Stoneybrook. They moved into the Addison's old house. They make their first appearance in Abby and the Best Kid Ever. Their last appearance is in Claudia and the Terrible Truth.


The family is originally from New Jersey. Claudia Kishi is the regular baby-sitter for the two boys. They are very particular about following their dad's rules and cleaning. Joey and Nate are afraid of him and he has hit them before.

Claudia finds out that Mr. Nicholls has been physically, emotionally, and verbally abusing his children and his wife, who were afraid of saying something.

Rioko Kishi approaches Mrs. Nicholls at the library and she denies anything about hitting the kids and the yelling. Afterward Mrs. Nicholls cancels every single job lined up with the BSC. She hires Erica Blumberg to baby-sit.

The BSC will no longer sit for them. Mrs. Nicholls takes both Joey and Nate to live with her sister in upstate New York. Mr. Nicholls is going to counseling.

Family Members[]

  • Mr. Nicholls
  • Mrs. Nicholls
  • Nate Nicholls (5)
  • Joey Nicholls (7)


The kitchen is described as spotless. It has four high-backed wooden chairs around a square wooden table. The counters were wiped clean with canisters for coffee, tea, sugar, and flour lined up.

Family Rules[]

  • One cookie as a snack
  • Must take off shoes at the door.
  • Kids are not the leave the house unless a parent is with them.
  • The kids are not allowed to invite people over.
  • No talking during meals
  • The kids aren't allowed to have stuffed animals
  • No touching Mr. Nicholls briefcase.


Book Appearances[]