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Norman Hill is a seven year old sitting charge of the Baby-sitters Club. He is the younger brother of Sara Hill and member of the Hill Family.


He has short wispy blonde hair and blue eyes. He’s overweight.


He likes to eat lots of candy and hides food in his room. Norman hates being on diets and doesn't want to go to Fat Camp. The kids at school call him Enormous Norman. He thinks his parents don't like him. When he gets sad, he eats. Norman plans to lose weight by pretending he'll get sick like Stacey if he eats sweets. He tells his parents that bugging him about losing weight makes him want to eat more.

In later books, he is looking a bit thinner then he used to be.

He played as Happy in the Snow White video for Dawn Schafer in Jessi and the Bad Baby-sitter.


  • Teddy


  • He has a pen pal girlfriend named Brittany; he sends her a picture of himself.
  • He attends an after school program in Dawn's Big Date.