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Oakley is the town in New Jersey that Jessi Ramsey and her family resided in before moving to Stoneybrook.


Jessi describes her old neighborhood as old, settled and comfortable. Most people have lived there since before Jessi was born, in small, crowded houses.

Jessi's old ballet school is now an aerobic center. Her teacher had divorced her husband and moved to Ohio. The trees in front of Jessi's old house was being cut down because they were getting the way of phone lines.


  • Chelsea, a three year old Jessi was paid to baby-sit four times before.
  • Mrs. Jasper, Jessi's next door neighbor, who lives by herself and takes care of Jessi and Becca when Squirt was born.
  • Neil Raymond, family members are old friends of the Ramseys. He used to be dorky and shy, but now 16 and full of himself.
  • Keisha, Jessi's first cousin and friend. She lives a 8320 Wagner Lane.
  • Mr. Millikan, the elementary school principal.


  • Price Bazzar, local food and supply store.
  • Oakley Elementary
  • Oakley General Hospital
  • Wagner Lane, Jessi's old neighborhood..