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Omar Harris is a student in Ms. Colman's class at Stoneybrook Academy. He makes an appearance with his brother, Ebon, in Happy Holidays, Jessi.



In Second Grade Baby, Omar cut himself by accident and the cut got infected. He spent two days at the hospital and the class made him get well cards. Omar did not bring in his stuffed giraffe for the class project.

He and his friends were picking on Pamela Harding in Baby Animal Zoo for not liking animals, after she teased him for not going up high on the jungle gym. If she didn't hold a baby animal, he and his friends would wear a shirt that says Pamela is the Biggest Baby at Stoneybrook Academy to school everyday for a month.

In Happy Holidays, Jessi, he and his family prepare for Kwanzaa. It's mentioned that he has an aunt that lives the family in the book. He's not allowed to have sugary snacks before dinner. Omar participates in the Kwanzaa festival in the book. He and his friends made a gift for Squirt Ramsey while he was at the hospital.



  • His family has a sheep dog named Buster in Teacher's Pet. He brought Buster to show the class on Pet Day.
  • His father was the room parent for the class field trip to the pet store. He carries the new guinea pig Hootie from the bus to the classroom.
  • Omar won a guinea pig in a drawing in Karen's Grandad.





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