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The members of the BSC and also other characters wore many distinctive and iconic outfits throughout the series. This is a list of many of these outfits:

Baby-sitters Club Series[]

The Summer Before

Prequel Outfits
Character Outfit Description
Kristy blue jean cutoffs and SHS VARSITY SOCCER T-shirt
Mary Anne lavender babydoll style blouse and checked pedal pushers, overtop a pink frilled swimsuit with a mermaid on the left hip
  • Willowy black pants cinched at the waist with a drawstring and a boldly patterned summer shirt with ties that she was adjusting around Her midriff. Her midriff would have been bare, but Claud had slithered into a lacy black tank top before she’d put on the shirt. On her feet were delicate silver sandals, and her hair, which was long and thick, was held away from her face with two silver combs.
  • Big earrings and chunky bracelet, her bell-bottoms that she decorated herself, and her fluorescent-green hat that looked like a bejeweled engineer’s cap.

Book #1 Kristy's Great Idea

Character Outfit Description
  • Short, very baggy lavender plaid jumper, a white lacy blouse, a black fedora, and red high-top sneakers without socks. Her long black hair was carefully arranged in four braids.
  • Belts made of feathers and wear knee socks with palm trees on them.
  • Wearing a baggy yellow-and black-checked shirt, black pleather pants, red jazz shoes, and a bracelet that looked like it was made from a telephone cord. Her earrings were dangling jointed skeletons that jumped around when she moved.
  • A pink sweatshirt with sequins and a large purple parrot on the front; short, tight-fitting jeans with zippers up the outsides of the legs; and pink plastic shoes.
  • A matching top and skirt made of gray sweatshirt material with big yellow number tens all over it. Her hair was pinned back with clips shaped like rainbows. Little silver whistles were dangling from her ears.

Book #2 Claudia and the Phantom Phone Calls

Character Outfit Description
Claudia Purple pants that stop just below her knees and are held up with suspenders, white tights with clocks on them, a purple-plaid shirt with a matching hat, her high-top sneakers, and lobster earrings

Book #3 The Truth About Stacey

Character Outfit Description
  • Dinosaur on her beret, red sneakers covered with beads and glitter, leg warmers covered with footprints, plastic butterflies in her hair.
  • Red lace gloves with no fingertips.

Book #4 Mary Anne Saves the Day

Character Outfit Description
Mary Anne "Just once I'd like to go to school wearing skintight turquoise pants, Stacey's "island" shirt with flamingos and toucans all over it, and maybe bright red high-top sneakers. I'd like to create a sensation. (Well, half of me would. The other half would be too shy to want to attract any attention.) She even has one pair of earrings that consist of a dog for one ear and a bone for the other ear."

Book #5 Dawn and the Impossible Three

Character Outfit Description
Stacey A simple pink T-Shirt under a baggy jumpsuit with pink and red flowers all over it
Dawn Blue jean shorts and a white T-shirt that said "Genius Inside"

Book #6 Kristy's Big Day

Character Outfit Description
Stacey Purple nail polish, name brand accessories, permed hair
Kristy white sweater dress with silver designs woven into it
Claudia A black leotard and skintight red pants under a white shirt that was so big it looked like a lab coat. She had decorated the shirt herself, covering it with designs painted in acrylic. She had pinned her long, black hair back at the sides with red clips

Book #7 Claudia and Mean Janine

Character Outfit Description
Stacey Wearing a pair of knee-length lime-green shorts, matching green high-topped sneakers, and a large white T-shirt with a gigantic taxicab on the front.
Kristy An old gray shirt that had probably once belonged to Sam or Charlie. It said BOHREN’S MOVERS in faded black letters across the back, blue jean shorts, and running shoes.
Mary Anne A scoop neck shirt and lace edging on the sleeves, blue jean shorts, and running shoes.
  • It was a big, loose white shirt with black splotches all over it, and white pants that came to just below her knees. Shoes were dainty gold sandals that laced partway up her legs. Then she put on her pink flamingo earrings and a pink bracelet that said CLAUDIA in heart-shaped beads. Hair into four long braids, tied a ribbon around the top of each, and fastened the ends with butterfly clips."
  • She finished dressing in her favorite art class outfit - black jeans, a giant bright blue T-shirt, and a snake bracelet that she wore above her elbow
Dawn A surprisingly New York kind of outfit (she usually goes for California casual), was wearing striped pants with suspenders over a red shirt.

Book #8 Boy-Crazy Stacey

Character Outfit Description
  • A pink shirt with big bright green and yellow birds were splashed all over it. It was gigantic, so it would be cool. I put it on with a pair of baggy shorts, looped a wide green belt around her middle, and hunted up some silver jewelry—silver bangle bracelets and a pair of silver earrings shaped like bells that actually ring when they dangle back and forth.
  • Skimpy yellow bikini, with tiny bows at the sides on the bottom part
  • White cotton vest over a pink cotton dress and tied a big white bow in her hair so that it flopped over the side of her head
Mary Anne Yellow pedal pushers, a yellow and white striped tank top, and an oversized white jacket
  • A pale blue bikini with white stripes running diagonally across it

Book # 10 Logan Likes Mary Anne!

Character Outfit Description
Stacey A white T-shirt under a hot pink jumpsuit
Mary Anne
  • Tried on: A green sweater dress
  • Tried on: A yellow sweater dress
  • Claudia handed her a full white skirt with the words Paris, Rome, and London, and sketchy pink and blue pictures of the Eiffel Tower, the Tower Bridge, and other stuff scrawled all over it. She matched it up with a pink shirt and a baggy pink sweater.
  • In the shoe department, they found white slip-ons with pink and blue edging that matched the pink and blue in the skirt. With the rest of the outfit, they were perfect.
Claudia Wearing short, tight-fitting black pants and a big white shirt that said BE-BOP all over it in between pictures of rock and roll dancers. She had fixed a floppy blue bow in her hair.
Dawn A green and white oversized sweater and stretchy green leggings
Kristy white turtleneck shirt under a pink sweater with jeans

Book #12 Claudia and the New Girl

Character Outfit Description
  • A pink flowered skirt that was full and so long it touched the tops of her hiking boots. Her blouse, loose and lacy, was embroidered with pink flowers, and both her wrists were loaded with silver bangle bracelets. Her hair, which was almost as long as Dawn’s and was dirty blonde, was pulled into a fat braid. It wasn't tied off or anything, it just sort of trailed to an end. And she had three pierced earrings in each ear. They were all silver and dangly, but none matched.
  • She was wearing a puffy white peasant blouse, a blue-jean jacket, a long blue-jean skirt, and those hiking boots again. Beaded bracelets circled both wrists, and she’d tied a strip of faded denim around her head, like an Indian headband.
  • She was wearing a long, all-the-way-to-her-ankles dress with three rows of ruffles at the bottom. A strip of black cloth was tied around her head.

A very short pink cotton dress, white tights, and black ballet slippers. Swept all of her hair way over to one side, where it was held in place with a piece of pink cloth that matched the dress. Only one ear showed, with a big palm tree earring.

Book #13 Good-bye Stacey, Good-bye

Character Outfit Description
Stacey Blue stretch pants and a white sweatshirt decorated with stars and sequins
  • a purple-and-white striped bodysuit under a gray jumper-thing. The legs of the bodysuit stretched all the way to her ankles, but she was wearing purple push-down socks anyway. Around her middle was a wide purple belt with a buckle in the shape of a telephone. On her feet were black ballet slippers.
  • She was wearing a very short kilt, an oversized red sweater, and yellow socks over red tights. On her head was a red beret with a sparkly initial pin attached to the side.
  • jeans and a blue sweatshirt
  • wearing her uniform–jeans, a turtleneck (pale blue), a sweater (blue-and-white striped), and sneakers.
Mary Anne A navy blue minidress with a pink sash, blue tights, and black slippers

Book #14 Hello, Mallory

Character Outfit Description
  • Red jumper that said Mallory across the front, a short-sleeved white blouse, and white tights with little red hearts all over them.
  • A sweatshirt that said "I’D RATHER BE WRITING MY NOVEL," and a pair of sneakers
Tight pants with little ballet slippers, or torn T-shirts decorated with sequins, or overalls and high-topped sneakers. She has a bracelet that looks like a coiled snake, and earrings that are a dog for one ear and a bone for the other ear.
Mary Anne A baggy yellow sweater with a silver squiggle pin near the collar, a short skirt made out of sweat-shirt material, yellow tights, and ballet slippers
Dawn Casual clothes, like baggy jeans with the cuffs rolled up, shirts with the tails out, and big belts
Kristy Faded jeans, sneakers, a pale pink turtleneck, and a dark pink sweater

Book #17 Mary Anne's Bad-Luck Mystery

Character Outfit Description
Her vegetable blouse: an oversized white shirt with a green vegetable print all over it- cabbages and squashes and turnips and stuff. Under the blouse was a very short jean skirt, white stockings, green anklets over the stockings, and lavender sneakers, the kind boys usually wear, with a lot of rubber and big laces with the name of the manufacturer in huge letters on the side. Claudia had pulled the hair on one side of her head back with a yellow clip that looked like a poodle. The hair on the other side of her head was hanging on her face. Only one ear showed and in it a plastic earring about the size of a jar lid.

Book #18 Stacey's Mistake

Character Outfit Description
Stacey A short, short yellow dress that flared out just above her hips, white stockings, yellow push-down socks, and new shoes.
The dress was sleek and black and covered with silver stars and sparkles. She had part her hair down the middle, fixed one side in three or four braids, and let the other side fall loosely over her shoulder.
Kristy A white turtleneck with little red and blue hearts all over it, a red sweater, jeans, and sneakers
Dawn An oversized peach-colored sweater-dress, lacy white stockings, and black ballet slippers
Mary Anne
  • A bright, big-patterned sweater and a pair of black pants for her. (Chosen by Stacey)
  • A ruffly white blouse, a long paisley skirt, and these little brown boots. (Chosen by Mary Anne)
Laine She was wearing a short black dress, black stockings, and simple black flats. On one wrist was a single silver bangle bracelet. On her dress was one of those silver squiggle pins. Her fluffy brown hair was newly permed and perfectly cut.

Book #21 Mallory and the Trouble with Twins

Character Outfit Description
Arnold Twins
  • Both girls [Marilyn and Carolyn] were wearing blue kilts with straps that went over their shoulders, white blouses with lace edging the collars and sleeves, white knee socks, and black patent leather Mary Jane shoes. Their brown hair was cut in a bowl shape, framing their faces, and each twin had put on a blue headband with a blue bow on the side of it. Also, each wore a silver ring on the pinky finger of her right hand, and a beaded identification bracelet on her left wrist. The bracelets were the only difference between the twins. The beads on one bracelet spelled MARILYN. The beads on the other one spelled CAROLYN.
  • Matching plaid dresses, white tights, black patent leather Mary Jane shoes, red ribbons in their hair, gold lockets, gold rings, pink nail polish, and their name bracelets
  • Dressed in blue sailor dresses, red hair ribbons, white tights, and their Mary Janes, took off their bracelets
  • Two absolutely beautiful dresses. They were white with pink ribbon running in rows from the neck to the waistline, and with lace at the collar, the edges of the sleeves, and all around the bottom.
  • So on went the two white dresses and two pairs of pink tights, two pairs of Mary Janes, two gold lockets, two pink hair ribbons, and the name bracelets.
  • Matching yellow jumpsuits and white T-shirts
  • [Marilyn] bought the knee socks with the hearts on them (“I’m tired of tights,” she explained) and a pair of pink barrettes. Marilyn was carrying a bag with the pink jeans skirt and a ruffly white blouse in it.
  • [Carolyn] was carrying a bag with the jeans and the moon-and-stars sweatshirt in it. “And I’ll wear a headband,” added Carolyn, who found one she liked at the Merry-Go-Round but Carolyn bought some push-down socks, they were yellow, to match her new sweatshirt.
Her long hair was fixed in about a million braids which were pulled back and held in place behind her head with a column of puffy ponytail holders. She was wearing a T-shirt she’d painted herself, tight blue pants that ended just past her knees, push-down socks, and no shoes. From her ears dangled small baskets of fruit. She’d made those. She’d found the baskets and the fruits at a store that sells miniatures and dollhouse furniture.
Mrs. Arnold She was wearing two necklaces, a pin, bracelets on each wrist, rings, earrings, and even an ankle bracelet. Her stockings were lacey. Practically everything she wore had a bow attached. Bows on her shoes, a bow on her belt, a bow in her hair, and a bow at the neck of her blouse. Her sweater was beaded, and she hadn’t forgotten to pin a fake rose to it. As for cute, her earrings were in the shape of ladybugs, one of her necklaces spelled her name–Linda–in gold script, her pin was in the shape of a mouse, and the bow in her hair was a ribbon with a print of tiny ducks all over it
Dawn She was wearing this cool oversized (really oversized) blue shirt. It was that it was green inside so that when she turned the collar down and rolled the sleeves up, these nice touches of green at her neck and wrists. She was wearing a green skirt and clogs.
Mary Anne A short plum-colored skirt over a plum-and-white-striped bodysuit. The legs of the bodysuit stopped just above her ankles, and she’d tucked the bottoms into her socks. She was wearing white suspenders with her skirt.
Kristy A white turtleneck, a pink-and-blue sweater, and new running shoes. Her visor was in place, and a Connecticut Bank and Trust pencil was stuck over her ear.
Jessi A T-shirt that said "YOU ARE LOOKING AT PERFECTION," jeans, and running shoes.
  • Jeans, plain white shirt, running shoes
  • Blue pushdown socks and shirts

Book #22 Jessi Ramsey, Pet-sitter

Character Outfit Description
Jessi wearing an oversized shirt—a white sweatshirt with ballet shoes on the front also jeans, regular socks, and regular sneakers.
  • She'll wear a miniskirt, black tights, push-down socks, high-top sneakers, a shirt she's painted or decorated herself, and big earrings she's made. Her hair might be pulled into a ponytail with not one but six or seven puffy ponytail holders, a row of them cascading down her hair.
  • An oversized, short-sleeved cotton shirt with gigantic leaves printed all over it, green leggings—the same green as the leaves on her shirt—bright yellow push-down socks, her purple high-tops, and in her hair a headband with a gigantic purple bow attached to one side.

Book #23 Dawn on the Coast

Character Outfit Description
Claudia A white jumpsuit with a wide purple belt and purple high-top sneakers.

Book #24 Kristy and the Mother's Day Surprise

Character Outfit Description
  • A pretty tame dress too, with a red necktie. Roll socks and when she pushed them down just right, they fell into three rolls. The top roll was red, the middle one was peacock blue, and the bottom one was purple. She looked as if she were wearing ice-cream cones on her feet. In her hair was a braided band in red, blue, and purple, like her socks. And dangling from her ears were spiders in webs.
  • Claudia wore a pale blue baggy shirt over black-and-blue leopard-spotted pants that stop at her ankles. On her feet, she wore purple high-tops. and they both wore all this jewelry and these accessories, like big, big earrings, and headbands with rosettes on them, and nail polish. Claudia even wore her snake bracelet.
Mallory New short haircut. She was wearing jeans with zippers up the bottoms of the legs, and a sweatshirt that said STONEYBROOK MIDDLE SCHOOL across the front. In her new pierced ears were tiny gold hoops.
Jessi Matching hoop earrings to Mallory. A purple dance leotard, and jeans. Over the leotard, she was wearing a purple-and-white striped shirt, unbuttoned.
Mary Anne Hair was pulled back in a ponytail and held in place with a black-and-white checkered bow that matched the short skirt she was wearing. Around her neck was a chain and dangling from it were gold letters that spelled out Mary Anne.
Dawn Wearing a necklace, too, only hers said I'M AWESOME. Also, she was wearing a fairly tame dress, but on her feet were plaid high-top sneakers.
Stacey A tight-fitting pink jumpsuit over a white T-shirt, lacy white socks, and jellies

Book #25 Mary Anne and the Search for Tigger

Character Outfit Description
Claudia Like a loose blouse with a fake coat of arms on it worn over a very short black skirt. Around her waist, a scarf. On her feet, short black boots. Dangling from her ears, dinosaurs. And her hair might be piled on top of her head and held in place with hairpins that look like seahorses

Book #26 Claudia and the Sad Good-bye

Character Outfit Description
Claudia Wearing lavender plaid cuffed pants with suspenders over a green shirt with buttons down the front, a matching lavender beret, and fleece-lined, high-top sneakers. Also, earrings shaped like Christmas tree lights that actually blink on and off.

Book #27 Jessi and the Superbrat

Character Outfit Description
Claudia She had two French braids pulled back and wound into one. She's also a wild dresser. She was wearing a bright pink T-shirt, a short red flouncy skirt, and underneath the skirt she had on black footless tights that she had rolled up to mid-calf

Book #28 Welcome Back, Stacey!

Character Outfit Description
Claudia Her hair was flowing down her back, pulled away from her face by a headband with a huge pink rose attached to it. She was wearing a long, oversized black-and-white sweater, skin-tight black leggings, pink-and-black socks, and black ballet slippers. Her jewelry was new, she'd made it herself. Her necklace was a string of glazed beads that she'd probably made in her pottery class. And from her ears dangled an alarming number of plastic charms attached to gold hoops.
Stacey Short red pants with purple suspenders over a bright yellow and black sweatshirt. On her feet, she put on purple push-down socks and a pair of red high-top sneakers. She added jewelry—a big necklace with wooden bananas and oranges strung on it, and dangly earrings shaped like sunglasses. She fixed her hair. Then she rolled up a red scarf and tied it in her hair like a headband.
Laine Wearing a black pants suit. It was made from stretchy cotton. The bottoms of the legs were cuffed, and the top was short-cropped. She was wearing a leopard-skin leotard under the top. Her fluffy brown hair had been permed several weeks earlier and had grown out to that perfect stage. From her ears dangled teardrop-shaped blue and green stones, and on one wrist were about twenty silver bangle bracelets
Kristy jeans, sneakers, a sweater, and a turtleneck
Mary Anne a new flared green dress
Dawn jeans with zippers up the legs, her long hair flowing down her back like a blonde waterfall
Jessi leotard still on under her clothes from dance class
Mallory wearing a totally new outfit–a sequined sweat shirt, a short skirt, and pink leggings

Book #29 Mallory and the Mystery Diary

Character Outfit Description
Claudia A plain white blouse, a pink sweater, white socks, and loafers. She said she’d gone back to the fifties for the day.
Stacey A short-sleeved blue-and-white jumpsuit with cuffed pants. Parts of it were striped, parts were solid. On her feet were high-topped sneakers laced only halfway up so that she could roll the tongue of the shoe down, plus she was wearing a lot of jewelry
Mary Anne A short printed jumper over a striped shirt. The jumper was white with a small red print, and the shirt was with narrow, widely-spaced stripes.
Dawn pants and a baggy sweat shirt and on her head was a small straw hat
Jessi wearing a long, heart-covered sweat shirt over her dance leotard and a pair of pink pants heald up at the waist at the drawstring
Mallory jeans, a big white long-sleeved T-shirt that said I ♥ KIDS across the front.

Book #30 Mary Anne and the Great Romance

Character Outfit Description
Claudia A shocking-pink tunic over a white shirt with pink and yellow umbrellas printed on it. Over the tunic was a wide, low-slung yellow belt with a pink plastic buckle. The shirt, but not the tunic, was tucked into a pair of black knickers, and below the knickers were yellow stockings. Then there's her that last meeting, she had divided it into five braids and had woven pink and yellow ribbons into the braids
Mary Anne a green skirt and a baggy sweater with big, colorful flowers splashed over it, and beads in the centers of the flowers.
Dawn a flowered Laura Ashley dress and flat blue shoes.

Book # 31 Dawn's Wicked Stepsister

Character Outfit Description
Claudia She wears funky stuff like pink sparkly high-topped sneakers, or short flared skirts over skintight leggings, or wild jewelry she's made heself.

Book #33 Claudia and the Great Search

Character Outfit Description
Claudia A very short black skirt, an oversized white shirt with bright pink and turquoise poodles printed on it, flat turquoise shoes with ankle straps, and a ton of jewelry, including dangly poodle earrings. Her long hair was swept to one side in a high ponytail held in place with a huge pink barrette.

Book #34 Mary Anne and Too Many Boys

Character Outfit Description
Stacey A pair of khaki safari pants, topped with a jungle-print blouse and a leather belt
Dawn Laura Ashley dress and she had swept her long blonde hair back in pearl barrettes

Book #35 Stacey and the Mystery of Stoneybrook

Character Outfit Description
Stacey A white jumpsuit, layered over a blue tank top. She had on white push-down socks with blue hearts all over them, a wide blue patent leather belt, and a wild necklace made of all kinds of plastic sea creatures in a rainbow of colors
Claudia A short white skirt with pink polka dots, suspender straps, and an oversized white t-shirt. Pink high-top sneakers with the tops rolled down to show their striped lining and these earrings—pink plastic hearts dangling from a bigger heart

Book #36 Jessi's Baby-sitter

Character Outfit Description
Stacey tight black pants that reached just above her ankles, and sported a column of four silvery buttons at the bottoms. Over the pants, she was wearing a long (past her knees) blue jacket made of soft material. Under that, she was wearing a sleeveless blouse
  • short, short skirts and tight black pants and off-the-shoulder sweatshirts.
  • was wearing a fake leopard-skin vest, a fairly tame blouse, and blue leggings…
Jessi sweatshirt and jeans
Mallory sweatshirt and jeans

Book #37 Dawn and the Older Boy

Character Outfit Description
Claudia She had stuck to two colors: black and white. Black cotton bib overalls over a white turtleneck with a shiny black patent leather belt looped around her waist. Black suede ankle boots and white cotton socks. Long black hair swept off her face with giant white plastic barrettes. A white hoop earring the size of a doorknob.

Book #38 Kristy's Mystery Admirer

Character Outfit Description
Claudia She is always wearing things like Day-Glo high-top sneakers, cut-up jeans, off-the-shoulder sweat shirts (sometimes torn), and friendship bracelets

Book #39 Poor Mallory!

Character Outfit Description
Claudia Wild clothes like big hats; flowered vests over long shirts that used to belong to her father which she leaves untucked; short black pants; and then, something just a little off-beat like penny loafers from the 1950s with white bobby socks. Her jewelry: She makes most of it herself— ceramic-bead necklaces and big dangly earrings, but in shapes, one wouldn't expect. Claudia might wear a monkey in one ear and a banana in the other ear.

Book #40 Claudia and the Middle School Mystery

Character Outfit Description
  • Earrings that look like Princess Di's. They're huge (pretend) emeralds, surrounded by thousands of tiny (phony) diamonds. New green-and-blue-tie-dyed T-shirt dress (the casualness of the dress would be an interesting contrast to those fancy earrings) over green leggings. Trouble deciding between her old ballet flats or the black leather high-tops she'd just gotten.
  • A blue skirt with brightly colored tropical fish printed all over it. Then she put on a green blouse. Represent seaweed. Hair into a ponytail, over to one side, and she pinned it with a sand-dollar barrette she made last summer. Plastic shoes called “jellies” that she had decorated with stickers of seahorses and shells.

Book # 41 Mary Anne vs. Logan

Character Outfit Description
  • The outfit might be black leggings, a baggy black-and-white shirtdress, low black shoes, and big wild earrings for her pierced ears
  • Wearing an oversized raspberry-colored shirt, a short black skirt, and black leggings (the layered look). On her feet were black cowboy boots, and dangling from an earcuff was a huge collection of beads and stones
Stacey layers on layers, hats, pins, cowboy boots, that sort of thing. Plus she’s allowed to have her blonde hair permed and she likes to wear nail polish, usually with sparkles in it
Mary Anne Blue print pants that were wide on top but narrowed to cuffs at the ankles, and a short-cropped t-shirt with the sleeves rolled up and this cute picture of a cactus wearing a cowboy boot

Book #42 Jessi and the Dance School Phantom

Character Outfit Description
Claudia Hair was braided with silver ribbons, and she wore a shimmery dark blue minidress. On her feet were silver sandals with laces up the calves—kind of like toe shoes
Stacey had on a tuxedo that fit her perfectly, possibly bought in New York
Mary Anne Dawn’s pink jumpsuit on Mary Anne
Dawn Mary Anne’s new Laura Ashley dress on Dawn

Book #43 Stacey's Emergency

Character Outfit Description
Claudia She had two French braids pulled back and wound into one. She's also a wild dresser. She was wearing a bright pink T-shirt, a short red flouncy skirt, and underneath the skirt she had on black footless tights that she had rolled up to mid-calf
Stacey Both Stacey and Claudia dress sophisticated for thirteen. Claudia wears more hats than Stacey.

Book #44 Dawn and the Big Sleepover

Character Outfit Description
  • A bright yellow, oversize men's jacket with rolled-up sleeves; a wide paisley tie right out of the nineteen-sixties; orange stirrup pants; ankle boots; and huge hoop earrings.
  • Her hair in a ponytail at the top of her head, held up by a huge barrette in the shape of a bone, like Pebbles from The Flintstones. It made her hair bounce when she moved. She was even wearing a Pebbles-type outfit—a pink, off-the-shoulder blouse with huge polka dots and a ragged bottom over black tights.

Book #45 Kristy and the Baby Parade

Claudia An oversized red blouse with black buttons, green leggings with white, tie-dyed streaks, and black high-top sneakers with all kinds of buckles and snaps on them. Dangling watermelon slices earrings.

Book #46 Mary Anne Misses Logan

  • paisley-print leggings; a huge, long shirt; short, black, lace-up boots; and a ton of silver jewelry. She might top off the look with a black fedora.
  • Claudia likes accessories: T-shirt clips, slap-wrist bracelets, and for her hair, ties, beads, ribbons, combs,
  • An oversized blue top and a pair of red tights.

Book #47 Mallory on Strike

  • French braid down her back, double and triple French braids with sparkly ribbons woven into them, or sometimes just pulled up with a wide barrette that she made herself.
  • She makes her own jewelry out of clay or papier-mache. Sometimes she'll wear a pink flamingo in one ear with a palm tree in the other, and a tiny gold monkey on top of the palm tree.
  • Claudia can wear anything and it looks great. Like she'll wear polka dot leggings with a short red skirt. Then she'll wear a long-sleeved T-shirt with a black vest (covered with cool pins that she's made herself) over that. Sometimes she decides to go '50s and wears penny loafers with white anklets.
Pamme looked like an artist in her Indian-print skirt, brushed leather vest, white blouse with puffed sleeves, and sleek boots. She had shoulder-length red hair, which fell about her shoulders in thick, beautiful waves
Mallory jean skirt and jacket, bright red tights, sneakers, and multicolored earrings that Claudia had made for her
Jessi A new purple jumpsuit with a gold turtleneck

Book #49 Claudia and the Genius of Elm Street

Character Outfit Description
Claudia A man's paisley vest she found at a yard sale, over a striped button-down shirt with tuxedo-stripe black Spandex stirrup pants, held up with pink-flecked black suspenders. Her hair was pulled straight back with a paisley comb, and I was wearing electric-pink ankle boots
Janine The boots really set off the formality of the rest of the outfit. Her hair is always in a page boy, and she'd be perfectly happy wearing a white Oxford blouse and a gray pleated skirt every day. Janine's main accessory is a book cradled in her right arm.
Mary Anne A loose-fitting open shirt over a teal turtleneck with off-white chinos and white sneakers

Book # 56 Keep Out, Claudia!

Character Outfit Description
Claudia Black leggings and high topped sneakers, her fringed blue jean vest and beaded Indian belt, six silver rings

Book #127 Abby's Un-Valentine

Character Outfit Description
Claudia She was dressed in ski-lodge mode. That meant a woolly sweater, long black tights with thick blue socks, and hiking boots. But these weren't just any hiking boots. They were tied with shiny silver shoelaces with little snowflakes on the ends. They'd also been decorated by Claudia with a motif of snow-capped mountains running along the outside of the boot. Claud's sweater was blue, white, and gray with a snow patterned yoke. It was enormous, almost stretching to her knees. Her hair was pulled back in a long braid. From one ear dangled a silver earring in the shape of a pair of crossed skis, and from the other hung a small silver polar bear.
Stacey She was wearing a short, dark brown leather skirt over pale stockings. She had on these cool boots that came to just above her knees. Her sweater was the color of butter, and it looked incredibly soft. There were three pearl buttons at the collar. Stacey had left two of them unbuttoned. Her blonde hair was pulled into a French braid, and she was wearing what looked like real pearl earrings.

Book # 130 Stacey's Movie

Character Outfit Description
Claudia She puts her personal touch on everything she wears. She was wearing a tie-dye T-shirt (which she dyed herself) under a pair of white overall shorts. But these weren't ordinary overalls. She'd painted a rain forest scene over the entire fabric. It made her look like a walking mural. The forest canopy was up by the straps, and mushrooms rocks, and little lizards sat at the hems.


Super Mystery #1 Baby-sitters' Haunted House

Character Outfit Description
  • A pair of bright blue Lycra biker shorts, a black lacy tank top, a man’s white dress shirt, baggy purple and white checked socks, red high-tops, and a pair of big gold hoop earrings with a brightly colored wooden parrot in each hoop."
  • Floral-print mini-sundress (the pink and red flower pattern is big and sort of abstract). A pink baseball cap, dangling yellow glass earrings, and her red-high tops.
  • In full-length black gauze skirt over a black leotard. She was wearing dangling glass earrings that she’d made from a chandelier. Her long black hair was held back on one side with a single red rose."
  • Her black gauze skirt and a red tank top and tied her white silk bomber jacket around her waist and airplane earrings

Super Mystery #2 Baby-sitters Beware

Character Outfit Description
Claudia She was wearing leggings—purple ones—with black Doc Martens, red slouch socks, black bicycle shorts over the leggings, a big T-shirt with the words "This Might Be Art" scrawled on it in purple, and an old black suit jacket of her father's, with the sleeves rolled up
Stacey Wore black leggings with cowboy boots , an oversized turtleneck sweater, and this cool black suede vest with pearl buttons.

Super Mystery #3 Baby-sitters' Fright Night

Character Outfit Description
Claudia Tribute to the season that included Halloween colors and themes (last year it was Doc Martens with pumpkin stickers, a hand-batiked shirt in orange and black, plus one orange sock and one black sock
Stacey Black jeans, black boots, black turtleneck, silver cropped top over that, black boots with silver side buttons, and silver X earrings
Eileen A huge purple dress, a puffy orange windbreaker, and these really clunky shoes. Her hair stuck out in spikes beneath a wool hat that had a pattern of white snowflakes on a red background.

Super Mystery #4 Baby-sitters' Christmas Chiller

Character Outfit Description
Claudia The rainbow look: She had braided her long jet-black hair into a single braid with narrow red, blue, green, yellow, orange, and purple ribbons woven in. Her short red turtleneck dress had a braided yellow belt, and she was wearing purple tights, yellow scrunch socks, and black Docs. Her earrings were in the shape of Christmas trees, but they were in rainbow colors, instead of just green

Mystery #1 Stacey and the Missing Ring

Character Outfit Description
Claudia Black leggings, red high-top sneakers, and an oversized red sweater. She was carrying a red plastic lunch box as a purse

Mystery #5 Mary Anne and the Secret in the Attic

Character Outfit Description
Claudia Lacy white top over a solid white bodysuit, a black mini skirt with white polka dots on it, lacy white leggings, and red high-tops. Plus some really outrageous black-and-white jewelry (earrings and bracelets and necklaces) that she’d made herself out of papier-mache.

Mystery #6 The Mystery at Claudia's House

Character Outfit Description
  • Lace leggings, purple tie-dyed T-shirt dress, and purple high-tops.
  • Black-and-white checked stretch pants, red belt, black shirt with white polka dots, red ankle boots, hair in a ponytail on the side of her head (fastened with a black-and-white barrette), and favorite red heart-shaped earrings.

Mystery #7 Dawn and the Disappearing Dogs

Character Outfit Description
Claudia A blue minidress with white polka dots, white leggings, and earrings that looked like white polka dots.

Mystery #9 Kristy and the Haunted Mansion

Character Outfit Description
  • Like lacy purple leggings with big floral tops, or black miniskirts with little cowboy shoes.
  • She was wearing white knee-length jean shorts, white Keds, and a tie-dyed T-shirt she'd made the weekend before. The shirt had spirals of yellow and green and purple.

Mystery #11 Claudia and the Mystery at the Museum

Character Outfit Description
  • Her hair was in a long braid hanging down one side of her head, with red ribbons threaded into it. She was wearing a red-and-white striped shirt that hung down almost to her knees, red leggings, and black high-top sneakers.
  • She had dressed up a little, in pink lace leggings and a long black sweater. Her hair was tied back with a pink ribbon, and she was wearing pink ballet-type flats.
  • She was wearing a pair of bright red leggings topped by a white man-tailored shirt and a vest that used to belong to her father.

Mystery #13 Mary Anne and the Library Mystery

Character Outfit Description
Claudia Wearing a big white shirt over a bright pink jumpsuit. Her earrings, also bright pink, were in the shape of flamingos. On her feet were pink high-tops

Stacey A red miniskirt, a red-and-white striped shirt, red heart-shaped earrings, and short black boots

Mystery #14 Stacey and the Mystery at the Mall

Character Outfit Description
Claudia A neon-pink bandana around her head; a humongous pair of overalls over an ancient striped T-shirt

Mystery #16 Claudia and the Clue in the Photograph

Character Outfit Description
  • A pink, star-shaped barrette in her hair. She wore a silky pink tank top with a man's white shirt tied casually over it, white jeans, and flip-flops decorated with more pink stars.
  • In jeans and her Hard Rock Cafe T-shirt
  • A lacy white shirt with big ruffled sleeves over a deep green leotard, with a short blue-jeans skirt, and big black clunky boots.
  • An old pair of shorts and her ancient green Sea City T-shirt for going into the darkroom

Mystery #19 Kristy and the Missing Fortune

Character Outfit Description
  • This blue-and-green stripy shirt that was kind of tight and stretchy-looking. Over it she was wearing a really, really baggy pair of overalls. On her head was a floppy green hat, and on her feet were those big black clunky boots made by Doctor somebody.
  • Was wearing black jeans, short black cowboy boots, and a black suede jacket with fringe along the back and arms and silver buttons that looked like those old Indian-head nickels.
  • Platform shoes with really high cork soles, black lacy legging-things, and a blue dress
  • A skirt that looked as if she'd ironed it five minutes ago, even though she'd had it on all day, a fresh white shirt, and a red sweater
  • Black leggings, black high-top sneakers, and a long, bulky dark green sweater. She had hidden her blonde hair beneath a dark green wool baseball cap.
Dawn A soft, fuzzy brown sweater, and cozy-looking white themal leggings.
Jessi A black ballet-leotard top and jeans, with bulky red knitted leg warmers slouched around her ankles.
Mallory Mal was wearing jeans, a purple sweater, and a big yellow button that said "I Read Banned Books."

Mystery #25 Kristy and the Middle School Vandal

Character Outfit Description
Claudia She was wearing pink jellies, white ankle socks with pink hearts around the edges, and majorly baggy white overalls, cut off just below the knee, over a tie-dyed pink, green, and a yellow T-shirt with the sleeves rolled up. She had a ring on every finger and one on each thumb, including a heart-shaped mood ring, a ring with a little bell on it, a ring that looked like a cat winding around her finger, a baby ring with her birthstone in it, and a ring she'd made herself out of clay and beads. Her hair was pulled back into three braids, which were tied together at the bottom with a pink and green ribbon. She had on her peace symbol earrings, too, and a button that said 'Jerry Garcia Lives' in black script against a tie-dyed background that matched her T-shirt. She'd made the button herself in art class.
Stacey She was wearing black leggings, side-zippered flat black ankle boots with pointed toes, a silver-threaded T-shirt dress that stopped at mid-thigh, and heart earrings. Her fluffy blonde hair was pulled back with a twisted black and silver headband

Mystery #26 Dawn Schafer, Undercover Baby-sitter

Character Outfit Description
Claudia A bright yellow pair of overall shorts over a tie-dyed baby-T in all the colors of the rainbow. She wore purple jellies, and her toenails, which showed through the plastic, were painted scarlet. A green scrunchy, holding her hair into a cool-looking Pebbles ‘do, topped off the look.

Mystery #27 Claudia and the Lighthouse Ghost

Character Outfit Description
Claudia A white high-collared dentist's shirt and a loose-fitting Chinese silk jacket, cinched at the waist by a bright-orange scarf, over tight black flared pants. Her hair was gathered on top of her head with an orange bandanna.

Mystery #28 Abby and the Mystery Baby

Character Outfit Description
Claudia A funky red-flannel minidress layered with a black-and-white-checked thrift-shop man’s vest, black tights, and red high-tops.
Stacey Her jeans were stonewashed to a perfect degree of faded blue, and torn at the knee in this casual-yet-not-sloppy way. She wore them with a crisp white shirt, a green V-necked sweater, and brown Hush Puppies.

Mystery #29 Stacey and the Fashion Victim

Character Outfit Description
Claudia A pair of white jeans with drips and squiggles of colorful paint all over them, a smocklike denim shirt, her favorite red high-top sneakers, and a hairdo that said ‘creative’–a loose bun held in place by two red lacquered chopsticks

Mystery #30 Kristy and the Mystery Train

Character Outfit Description
  • She was in bright mode: red shorts, a purple crop top over a longer red-and-white-striped muscle shirt, purple socks, and red high-tops laced with red-and-white striped shoelaces. Her hair was pulled up to one side with a knot of red and purple scrunchies and her earrings were shiny red apples.
  • A huge tie-dyed t-shirt knotted at the waist, cutoffs, and her sandals sported flowers that matched the flower barrette holding back her hair. Her gear was in her funky, bright yellow, plastic mesh tote that was exactly the same shade as the rims of her big, round sunglasses.
Mary Anne Wearing a faded green Izod shirt, cutoffs, sandals, and a baseball cap that read Ted’s Tools.
Stacey Was wearing an oversized butter-colored linen shirt that matched her hair, which was pulled back into a sleek French braid. Her baggy chino shorts were rolled up to exactly the same length on each leg, above the knee. Her sandals had cork soles, which made her look even taller and more elegant.
Mallory wore a hat, a long-sleeved shirt, long baggy shorts, and sneakers with ankle socks
Jessi Hair was in a French Braid. She was wearing blue bicycle shorts with a red cutoff t-shirt over a blue sports top and reef-runners.

Mystery #31 Mary Anne and the Music Box Secret

Character Outfit Description
Claudia Had on her favorite painter’s pants. They used to be white, but…now they’re splattered with paint in every color of the rainbow. To complement the pants, Claudia wore a tie-dyed shirt…that features a huge yellow peace sign surrounded by star bursts of orange, red, and purple
Stacey Was wearing a pair of pink denim overall shorts with a white baby T underneath. Purple Doc Martens and a white baseball cap completed the look.

Mystery #32 Claudia and the Mystery in the Painting

Character Outfit Description
  • Navy blue pants with wide legs, red suspenders decorated with big sunbursts, a white T-shirt, and over it all, a huge red-and-white -checked shirt. Her earrings were also bright yellow sunbursts that she had made to match the suspenders. Her hair was in one long braid hanging down her back, tied with a red-and-white-checked bow.
  • Overalls and a long-sleeved green-and-blue striped shirt and a green-and-blue checked cap.
  • A long, full, black skirt with red, orange, pink, yellow, and turquoise flowers embroidered along the hem; a loose pink top; and a necklace she'd made out of papier-mâché beads painted to match the flowers on the skirt
Stacey Short plaid red and black skirt, clunky black shoes, ribbed black turtleneck, and red vest

Mystery #34 Mary Anne and the Haunted Bookstore

Character Outfit Description
Claudia A pair of jeans, that she’d painted raindrops down each leg. Over the jeans, she wore a long white shirt and a gray vest. The vest had little umbrellas painted all over it. For earrings, she wore paper parasols attached to gold chains

Mystery #36 Kristy and the Cat Burglar

Character Outfit Description
Claudia Purple painter’s pants with lots of loops and pockets for carrying tools, red high-tops with purple laces, and a red sweatshirt customized with purple embroidery.
Stacey Khaki pants and a white button-down blouse. She has a dark blue ribbon in her hair…her shoes are brown lace-up boots.

Super Specials[]

SS #1 Baby-sitters on Board!

Character Outfit Description
  • Blue-and-white bikini and over that, a pink sundress with spaghetti straps at the shoulders and big blue buttons down the front. A pink-and-blue scarf around her waist, knotting it in the middle, added her snake bracelet and feather earrings, wound her hair on top of her head, and finally put on these white sandals with long laces that you crisscross up your legs and tie in a bow."
  • a white tank to under lavender overalls, lavender push-down socks, lavender high-top sneakers, and a beaded Indian belt, looped droopily twice around her middle. In her hair, there were lavender-and-white clips that looked like birds.

SS #4 Baby-sitters' Island Adventure

Character Outfit Description
Claudia She's put on a tank top and baggy drawstring pants. Over the top, she was wearing a button-down shirt of her father's. The sleeves were rolled up, but none of the buttons were buttoned.

SS #5 California Girls!

Character Outfit Description
Claudia She was wearing a red shirt with Mexican hats and cactus plants printed on it, and blue and white striped pants held up by polka-dotted suspenders. On her head was what looked like an engineer's cap (it matched her pants), and dangling from her ears were miniature cowboy boots, which she'd made herself.

SS #8 Baby-sitters at Shadow Lake

Character Outfit Description
Claudia A pink tank top over a white tank top and a pair of neon pink and black bicycle shorts. Also, she was wearing three pairs of flop socks, arranged so that her ankles looked like multi-colored ice cream cones. Her shoes were Day-Glo yellow.
Stacey A simple (for her) outfit: black leggings, a long black t-shirt with brilliant starfish swooping across the front, black flop socks and high tops
Jessi A jean skirt, a yellow tank top, flop socks, and high-top sneakers.

SS #10 Sea City, Here We Come!

Character Outfit Description
  • She was wearing ripped cut-off jeans held up by a frayed rope belt, a T-shirt with the collar torn off, hug white socks all bunched around the ankle, and old-fashioned black lace-up shoes.
  • She was wearing this white T-shirt that hung practically to her knees, white stretch pants to mid-calf, a tan leather belt over the T-shirt, and leather-strap sandals.
  • Overdyed navy jeans. She was also wearing a loose black cotton sweater over a white tank top. Big purple Hawaiian shorts, which were the next warmest pants, she'd be stuck having to wear an orange striped shirt, which was the only long-sleeved one she'd brought. Unless she wore the sweater again over it..."
  • Claudia found her barrettes in the shape of flamingoes—but cool, not corny-looking. Then they bought about ten tiny buttons with pictures on them. The faces included Virginia Woolf, Jimi Hendrix, Stephen Hawking, and Janis Joplin, but Claud didn't know who any of them were. She just picked them because they looked 'funky'."
  • A short, flared, white-on-blue polka-dotted skirt (Mallory's); a white, ribbed tank top (Jessi's); and a long, royal-blue men's shirt with the tails tied in front (Claudia's)...They carefully placed some of the buttons we'd bought on the tank top.

Friends Forever[]

FF #1 Kristy's Big News

Character Outfit Description
Claudia cutoff jeans over bicycle shorts, and suspenders she'd coated with buttons. Beneath that, she was wearing a paint-splattered t-shirt, which she called "[her] tribute to Jackson Pollock."

FF #2 Stacey vs. Claudia

Character Outfit Description
Claudia bright yellow tights with black stripes under a short tie-dye jumper and long-sleeved neon-pink t-shirt, ankle-high vinyl boots

FF #3 Mary Anne's Big Breakup

Character Outfit Description
Claudia white painters coveralls decorated with a wild daisy pattern she's created herself

FF #5 Kristy Power!

Character Outfit Description
Claudia Red-and-white-striped stockings (the candy cane look) and a white dress with red polka dots. Miniature green Christmas tree earrings dangled from her ears.
Kristy dark green corduroys and a bright red turtleneck
Stacey A red woolen miniskirt topped with a little red woolen jacket (she looked like a very hip Mrs. Claus)
Mary Anne looked beautiful in a navy blue velvet dress
Dawn Christmas California-style, in a white denim miniskirt and green silk blouse

Other Books[]

Portrait Collection[]

Stacey's Book[]

Character Outfit Description
Claudia She had on a purple jacket, black tights, and red cowboy boots. Her black hair was half piled on her head and half piled on her head and half down her back, so the brightly colored three-hoop earrings she'd made for herself showed off nicely.
Stacey Black tights, a pink-and-black striped oversized sweatshirt, and pink hightop sneakers

Abby's Book[]

Character Outfit Description
Claudia leopard-skin tights with a black velvet minidress and earrings were made out of fake-fur buttons. (She made them herself.)

Shannon’s Story[]

Character Outfit Description
Claudia An enormous pair of pants held up with a man's belt and a pair of neon purple suspenders, and an enormous purple t-shirt over a tie-dyed long-underwear top, her long black hair was pulled back into a braid clipped at intervals with little kid barrettes, and she had a pair of these dangly peace-sign earrings.
Stacey Black leggings, a black sweater, a big black belt with an overs-sized buckle, black Doc Martens, and her hair pulled back with a black and gold scarf which picked up the gold of the gold chain earrings she was wearing

Kristy's Book[]

Mary Anne's Book[]

Dawn's Book[]

Other Notable Outfits[]

Kristy Thomas[]

Outfit Description
Sweats, a shirt that says Go Krushers! and a cap with a collie on it in honor of Louie

Claudia Kishi[]

Outfit Description
Black vest, long-sleeved red shirt, red skirt, and polka-dot leggings
A Hawaiian shirt, lime green shorts, and gold sandals

Mary Anne Spier[]

Outfit Description
A red sweater and a white skirt
A pink turtleneck, a snowflake sweater, and teal pants

Stacey McGill[]

Outfit Description
Blue dress, black leggings, and heels
A black sweater, black jeans, and small boots

Dawn Schafer[]

Outfit Description
Blue dress, black leggings, and heels
A brown sweater and white thermal leggings

Jessi Ramsey[]

Outfit Description
A pink sweatshirt that says ABT, white sweats, and leg warmers

Mallory Pike[]

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