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P.S. 162 is a television show in The Baby-Sitters Club books. It stars Derek Masters and filmed in California. It is first mentioned in Jessi and the Superbrat and last seen in California Girls!.


The show is about an inter city elementary school and the class includes all different kinds of kids. The cast is diverse with Asian, black, Latin, and white kids.

Jessi Ramsey and Mallory Pike visits the set in California Girls! to see Derek while they are in town.

In The Mystery at Claudia's House there was a rumor that Derek would be kissing a girl, a character named Jennifer, on the show. The Pike Triplets, Nicky Pike and a few of Derek's friends wanted to see if he could really kiss a girl. The plot line was eventually scrapped when the producers thought that he was too young.


  • Derek Masters as Waldo the science whiz
  • Lamont is the popular student
  • Unknown as Miss Pedagogue
  • Allison McGuire as Danielle
  • George Aylesworth as Unknown
  • Unknown as Jennifer
  • Unknown as Charlene