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Palo City is a fictional Los Angeles suburb in Anaheim, where the California branch of the Schafer family lives.


The newspaper is the Palo City Post in Dawn and the We ♥️ Kids Club, and Rhonda Lieb writes for them. Rhonda writes a piece about the We ♥️ Kids Club for the Post. Chuck Raymond from the local TV station had also interviewed them. In Sunny, Diary Two the Winslows are shown to be subscribers.

They host an concert outside in Dawn and Whitney, Friends Forever.

Clyde Pearson is the assistant to the mayor when Dawn was twelve in Dawn's Book.

In Dawn (California Diaries), the street Palm Boulevard divides the middle class neighborhood from the wealthy neighborhood. It's noted that the wealthy neighborhood has a lot of pools and tennis courts.



Vista Hills Mall[]

  • Hair Today - salon
  • Mario's - Italian restaurant
  • Carswell-Hayes - clothing store
  • Clarisse - clothing store
  • Rudolph's - clothing store


  • City of Angle Pottery Studio (CD#2)
  • Green Thumb Nursery (SS#12)
  • Kopy Kwik (M#17)
  • Sam's Deli (M#17)
  • Backstreet - coffeehouse (CD#3)
  • Unnamed bowling alley (CD#8)


  • Fiesta Grill (CD#4)
  • Firehouse Cafe (CD#4)
  • Palo City Diner (CD#5)
  • China Wok (CD#5)
  • Sagebrush Grille (CD#6)
  • Pizza Paradise (CD#6)
  • Juanita's - Mexican (CD#8)
  • Poppy's - pizza place (CD#11)
  • Lotus Garden - Chinese (CD#11)
  • Krause's - ice cream shop (CD#12)
  • Fish 'n Stuff (CD#13)
  • Galaxy Deluxe (CD#15)

Other Places[]

  • Palo City Universalist Church (CD#12)



  • The city name is most likely inspired by the real city of Palo Alto, California.
  • Dawn mentions that there is other schools in the area in Dawn, Diary Three, but she doesn't name them.