Pamela Harding Kids Ms Colmans Class
Pamela Harding is a 2nd grader in Ms Colman's Class. She is Karen Brewer, Nancy Dawes, and Hannie Papadakis' main arch-enemy. Pamela's best friends are Leslie Morris and Jannie Gilbert, also known as "The Milky Ways" in "Karen's Candy." Karen describes all three as snobby girls.  

Pamela is first introduced in "Karen's Sleepover" as a new student in Ms. Colman's class. At first, Karen wants to impress her and become friends with her. Pamela comes to Karen's sleepover party, but it doesn't take long for Karen to realize that Pamela is not fun to be around at all. She is also introduced in the Kids in Ms Colman's Class book "Holiday Time"-which took place on almost the same events as Karen's Sleepover-but this book focuses on Sara Ford, who although never really interacted with Pamela, thought she was really cool. This book reveals that Audrey dislikes Pamela. Sara, later understands that Pamela didn't have a good personality,(because even though Pamela seemed like a mature young lady, she wasn't the right person to be friends with).  

Pamela refuses to sleep on the floor, dislikes the movie "The Wizard of Oz", and claims that pizza "gives her bad breath". She just sits around doing nothing, while the other girls make Slice'n Bake cookies. She has an sixteen-year-old sister named Tamara, and in Baby Animal Zoo, she is revealed to be scared of animals.  


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