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The Papadakis Family is a client of the Baby-sitters Club that lives in Stoneybrook, CT. They make their first appearance in Kristy and the Snobs. Hannie makes her first appearance in Dawn and the Impossible Three.


In Karen, Hannie, and Nancy: The Three Musketeers, Hannie mentions that her parents were born in the United States but all four of her grandparents were born in Greece. It's also mentioned that Myrtle the turtle was their very first pet.

They live on McLelland Road next to Shannon Kilbourne and across the street from the Brewer/Thomas Family. Hannie and Linny don't get along with the Delaney kids. Kristy usually sits for them since they live across the street from the Brewers. She was the first to sit for the family in Kristy and the Snobs. They love to play pretend and organize neighborhood activities. They are wealthy but down to earth.

In Dawn's Big Move they host a family reunion.

In Mary Anne Breaks the Rules they have some cousins staying with them.

Some family rules include from Kristy and the Worst Kid Ever includes: that they all sit down for dinner together, no sweets for snacks, come straight home from school, the kids have to show their parents their homework, and the kids have to tell their parents were they are going.

One of the grandfathers, Poppy, broke his hip and had to go to a nursing home to recover. He came down with pneumonia and is pretty sick, Mrs. and Mr. Papadakis make regular visits to him. Shannon Kilbourne and Kristy Thomas along with other BSC members watch the kids while they care for him. He recovers in Claudia and the Great Search.

In Karen's Book, Karen narrates they moved across the street sometime before Karen started pre-school.

It's mentioned in Karen's Puppet Show that one of Hannie's aunts got a new boat and a puppy and invited the family over for a few weeks.

After a bad storm their window shutters broke off a window, two downstairs windows were broken, and their front door mat went missing. Everything was eventually repaired and back to normal in Karen's Lemonade Stand.

Their house was ransacked and robbed in Baby-sitters' Christmas Chiller while they were on vacation.

Family Members[]

Extended Family[]

  • Mr. Papadakis has two sisters that live in New York City
  • Poppy Papadakis
  • Mrs. Papadakis has two brothers and one sister.
  • Cousins include
    • Five people named Nikos one of them is fifteen and cute.
    • Four people named Alexandra
    • Three people named Peter
    • Two people named Maria
    • Two people named Takis
  • Gus
  • Hannie has a great-aunt, Sofia Papadakis, was the first female brain-surgeon in America in Karen's Field Day.



They have a huge yard with a basketball court in the driveway and a badminton area by the garage. Off to the right behind the house at the edge of the woods, four barbecue pits were roasting lamb for the reunion in Dawn's Big Move.

In Kristy and the Worst Kid EverLou McNally's room at the Papadakises is very neat with blue walls and comforter, blue and white chintz curtains, and a colorful rug.

They have sliding glass doors with curtains over them. They have an area in their living room that works like a stage in Karen's Angel.

There's a sun porch mentioned in Karen's Kittycat Club.


Media Portrayals[]

The Baby-Sitters Club (web series)[]

Mrs. Papadakis is played by Malaika Jackson in The Truth About Stacey (episode). The family is at least half African American in this version rather than just being 100% Greek.

However, due to Bear Silverstone playing Linny in the second season, the family is back to being 100% Greek. Mrs. Papadakis is played by Flora Karas and Hannie by Aletheia Berry.